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  1. I'm having this same issue with my 2003 LX today. I recall using the remote to unlock the doors to get into the vehicle initially. It sat for roughly a week. It starts just fine however the mirror adjustments don't work, remote key-fob no longer works, and power locks do not work when vehicle is not turned on. Has anybody ever figured out the solution to this problem?
  2. Thanks for the great information. It sounds like a great vehicle to own. I agree with you on the dynamic cruise control option. My friend has a LS430 too and I think it's a very nice feature. I'm surprised it didn't come standard on the LX. I have seen one with the ice cooler feature (I think it was an 08' model) but never was able to test drive or sit in the driver's seat. It's a great concept but I would rather see the cooler in the second row or back like the LS 430. I'm really surprised they removed the music storage. On the other hand that's one less thing to fail over time Again, thanks for your input.
  3. Well I've been considering moving on up to a LX570. I've been very happy with the LX450 and been thinking it's time to change. Obviously there will be some culture shock going to a LX570 from a LX450, skipping the 470 series all together. Here are a few questions I have that maybe you all could help with. 1. Should I consider an '08 or '09 model or is there any difference between these and the 2011 model. 2. I've not been able to test drive one yet and only have sat in the passenger's seat of one. Unfortunately the local dealer doesn't have any in stock at the moment. I kind of felt cramped in the LX450 being a tall driver. I installed seat extensions in the 450 making the leg room much better for me. How is the leg room in the 570 compared to the 450? I've looked at the specifications on the website and it seems there may be only an inch different. If the seat will adjust in a way so that my legs have full support I don't think there will be a problem. This might be one of those things I'm just going to have to find out for myself. 3. Not that I plan to take the SUV rock climbing but the 450 series had a center differential switch that I don't see on the new 570. Has Toyota implemented new technology replacing this or calling it something else now days? Overall from the photos and what I've seen in person it's an amazing machine. Your input is appreciated.
  4. I can't see spending $380 for lexus to update the nav. I might be able to find the disc someplace but am kind of skeptical of ordering things from eBay or other re-sellers. I have heard there are a ton of bad discs that are sold. My friend game me the image and I re-burned it in DVD-ROM mode. It seems to read now in the ecu! At this point I just want to know how to reset the navigation... and start all over I will post what I find out... But any help is appriciated. I can't say this will be true for your LS 430, but for my 2004, I tried pulling ECU fuses and that didn't work. When I pulled the battery negative cable off for a few minutes, then restored it, the nav system re-loaded. Apparently, there is another power line going to the ecu (to maintain the memory) that doesn't go through the indicated ECU fuses in mine. Maybe yours? I was worried I'd loose a bunch of memorized settings throughout the car, but only lost the previous destinations list. Not bad. Hope this helps. I will try that and see what I find out. I know the 2004 LS has a new ECU in it, but it's quite possible it will reset everything by disconnecting the battery. I will let you know what I find out...
  5. I can't see spending $380 for lexus to update the nav. I might be able to find the disc someplace but am kind of skeptical of ordering things from eBay or other re-sellers. I have heard there are a ton of bad discs that are sold. My friend game me the image and I re-burned it in DVD-ROM mode. It seems to read now in the ecu! At this point I just want to know how to reset the navigation... and start all over I will post what I find out... But any help is appriciated.
  6. A friend gave me the disc. I don't think it's an original... I think the Nav System is a generation 2 not a 3 by the way.
  7. My friend decided to update his navigation in his 2001 lexus ls 430 Right in the middle of the update, it gave a disc read error. Does anyone know how to reset the thing to factory defaults? I tried to put the original disc (from 2000, ver 1) back in and it gives a disc read error. I know it can't be the ECU reader because it always worked fine until we tried to upgrade it. Like I said, I would just like to get it back to the way it was... I would hate to have to take it to lexus. I was trying to update it to Gen 3 ver 7.1 Any help would be appriciated. Thanks - David
  8. Still no luck on my end with it. It comes and goes with the seasons. I think it's about that time again. Mine rattles all the time. As with previous mention, pushing up on right front corner stops the rattle. It's obvious this is a common problem. Mine does it too! I think it has to do with the temperature changing.
  9. I noticed today I have a clattering sound coming from the engine compartment. I am hoping this isn't to serious, sounds like something has came loose. Does anyone know what this may be? If not I will let you guys know what I find out.
  10. It just seems like it rides to rough to be a Lexus. I figured since the original shocks was in place from the factory new ones would be a good idea. I don't expect to get the ride of a Lexus LS, but figured it could be better.
  11. So I have owned my Lexus LX450 for over a year now. It has been quite an impressive SUV. Here is the thing... It has the original factory shocks on it still and I am thinking the ride could be better if they are replaced. The vehicle now has around 157k on it, and I am sure this is past due. Any ideas ? Thanks! - David
  12. Thanks for the info. Do you think any of the Targets around here would have the ones you where talking about. I still have the factory stereo installed in mine. Should there be enough power to run the new ones with the factory amp. I just replaced mine last weekend... my PS speaker was trashed as well. On a tip from some other cruiser owners, I went with 6 1/2" Pioneer TS-G1641R. They install easy, and sound real good. They are getting hard to find though. I found them at Target of all places for $50. Best buy and Circuit City "might" have them. There are a couple on ebay right now that can be had for around $40 which is cheaper than I got mine for. Couple of notes on the install... the factory speakers are mounted directly to the door metal, behind the door panel. These Pioneers have to mount to the face of the door panel in order to set them out far enough to miss the window channel bar you mentioned. You will not be able to use the factory grills, so they'll need to come off the door panel. You'll need to get some longer screws than come with the speakers, so you can drill 4 new holes into the door metal behind the door panel. After that, just wire them up and screw them in. Had them both installed in under two hours. One note on the message from the other guy above, I didn't need spacers with these, and I'm not sure if you bought speakers that were deep enough to require the spacers, if that would really work. There's not a lot of room to space them out, because of where they are located, they'll hit the side of the dash when you close the door. The ones I've described above don't need spacers. If you want a picture of what they look like install, PM me your email address and I'll take a couple of shots. Regards, Rookie Edit: I didn't see you were from Knoxville (what are the chances). Bestbuy doesn't have them, I got the last set at the Target at Turkey Creek. You might try the one at Downtown West. Circuit City had them on clearance for $37 but were all gone. He said I could buy the sample ones they had installed on the wall for $30. I told him I wasn't buying used speakers at only a $7 discount. I'd probably just go the Ebay route, if I had it to do over.
  13. One of my factory Pioneer speakers in the front passenger door blown up last week. So obviously, I went and researched the types of speakers that it took. I ran into a problem: there is a support bar running down the center of the speaker hole and only allows up to so much room (depth, where the speaker magnet is). Does anyone know where I can obtain replacement speakers to fit? I cant seem to find any anywhere. Thanks - David
  14. Wow. I totally forgot about replying to this. Anyways, turns out there was a seal busted in the wheel. It was fixed and is not there anymore.
  15. Where's it leaking, and how'd you come across it? It's pretty common for this vehicles to have kind of a high pitch whistle on accelleration, which I've read others attribute to and exhaust leak. I've got the whistle, but there's no other adverse side affects from it, so I've never really worried about it too much. It is leaking in the front right of the vehicle. If you turn you wheels as if you where going to turn left and get out and look on the right under the wheel, you will notice that is where to exhaust system is running out. It sounds and smells terrible, you can tell it's and exhaust leak by the way it sounds. It started real slow and got worse. It is going in tomorrow for a checkup at a certified Lexus repair center. I don't know the particulars but will know by tomorrow evening. I will keep you posted... – David