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514 Seattle


5500 Miles in 19 days! 2 drivers, 4 adults and 1 teen ager, and tons of gear. WoooHooo! One of my best trips ever! The LX-570 was in its element. This is what the car was really designed for. Whether on the freeway, a country road or 60+ mileas of back country dirt roads on the back side of Glacier Park, the car ran flawlessly. We almost ran out of gas on the back side (east side) of Glacier Park. We didn't realize (we're from California mind you) that the town of Browning shuts down for the winter. we ended up getting gas from the last remaining pump of the last gas station still open. As the clerk put it, Next time we get gas is in the spring! And this was early October. Yikes! What a difference a great car makes. The last time I did this this trip I was 23 years old, alone and drove a 1974 Dodge Duster. As an avid driver, I am more convinced than ever that this is the best luxury SUV in the world! As my 18 year old son who loves fast cars says: Dad, in this car you will never be the first one to get there. But you will ALWAYS get there in both COMFORT AND STYLE. EVENTUALLY! <br />Our rout: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Bear Lake, Teton National Park, Yellow Stone National Park, Glacier National Park, Seattle, Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier, Mount Saint Helen, Portland, Red Wood Forrest National Park, San Francisco, Back to Los Angeles.


© Amir Rudyan

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5500 Miles, 19 Days, National Parks...In a LX-570

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