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  1. select Accessorie then project lamps & indictaors. then D-speed
  2. Hello to all, I have just located sum clear sidemarkers forsale online. Its states on the website that they will fit Soarers with chassis numbers beggining JZZ30 & JZZ31. My car is a V8, therefore its chassis starts with UZZ30. Will the sidemarkers fit my car??I thought the chassis number was a reference to the frame working of the vehicle, Any help is more than welcome. Many thanks, Darren
  3. Hello again, could I please have your opinions as to which Performance Exhaust is best for a SC400. Preferably with two single outlets. Thanks, Darren
  4. Hi, and happy new year to you all! Can anyone tell me whether a set of rear lights for a '96 Soarer/SC400 would fit a '91 Soarer/SC400. I would like to have them converted to red/clear, as i understand its not possible with the lights from a '91 model.Any ideas? many thanks, Darren
  5. Hello again....., which air intake is best for a SC400? Many thanks, DArren
  6. Hi, Ive got a cracked headlight and need to replace it, can anyone advise me on where I can get one from & for how much? Any help on this much appreciated. Many thanks, Darren
  7. Hi, I was wondering if you guys in the US could tell me where I can buy Lexus Badges for my SC400. many thanks, Darren
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