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  1. bought my 93 off of ebay for 3300.00 with 133,000 miles on it. car was never serviced and needed alot of parts, timing belt, complete tuneup, water pump power steering pump, alternator, AC compressor, AC,AC hoses, dryer ,AC accumulator, power steering hoses, steering wheel, leather shifter, control arm busshings, paint repair, new rims, new climate control(lights burn't out) , power antenna, interior door skins, sunload sensor, intierior amb. air sensor, broken tilt wheel, CD player in trunk missing. bad trunk shocks, bad rear light wiring, and dirty interior. I am going to be over 9k in re
  2. Are you sure your not getting any errors on your climate control? check the sunload sensor followed by the in car ambient air flow sensor mine did the same- no heat and had a bad sunload sensor
  3. rip the car apart for what reason... you want to drop the weight of the car to go faster leave car intact make sure your not overwieght and add nitro---- pigs make noise and squeals ---------- loud cars on road trips are the pigs
  4. the pulleys that the timing belt rides on other than the cam cogs. I just bought my sc400 off ebay for $3100 . my car was NEVER serviced thats why it needed so maney parts
  5. 131,000 miles just changed alot of parts a/c lines, a/c compressor, power steering pump, power steering lines, belt, timing belt, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, water pump, thermostat, timing belt bearings. etc etc $4500.00 AND still going
  6. go to the dealer and swap cars ..... alot easier than a tranny switch
  7. Dealer wanted $1000.00 for new leather steering wheel. now thats pricey
  8. service on this car is expensive. parts for this car are expensive-and alot of the time parts can only be sourced from dealer. don't let anyone fool you you'll pay premuim to drive this car
  9. have the same problem on my sc400 everything works but no heat is blowing out mechanic still has car been there for two months
  10. just got mine done at half wood and half leather it is perfection. You have to send them your wheel and they took over 3 weeks to complete for $450.00
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