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  1. :o
  2. Dave Chappelle drives a black RX 330 I'm Rick James !Removed! :chairshot:
  3. dude the car look tight, as a matter of fact It looks immaculate. please fell free to post couple of more pics. thanks
  4. Hey try, if you live in the orlando area or in florida. I work for them I can help you locate a vehicle. contact me at:
  5. Hey the seat looks like it's been replaced ?? right, look how there aren't any lines or any signs of wear on it ? if it's been replaced w/ leather trim it's good ,but I hate it when dealers go the el chepo way and can cheat w/ pleather seats !! check this out dude :
  6. Hey take it into carmax if you live in a state they have one. They'll appraise it for free. You don't have to buy anything or make any deals. I work at the orlando location. They might give you a good offer. my guess would be prob somewhere around kelly trade-in pr. good luck
  7. Nice job dude, hey difinitely go for the pillar!! by the way what kind of subs, amps, & speakers did u go w/ ? How much did you pay for it
  8. hey Bandit, it will give you all the msrp info.
  9. Hey pickebicke here's an idea: maybe you or someone else u know can set him up. The plan is to get someone else to buy something else from this dude, so while you are talking to him request for another phone #, email, etc...then bag this idiot by taking him to court!! This is just an idea ok , good luck.
  10. Would you happen to know which are the critical intervals for the 400 ? Can I assume that 100K is one of them ? As far as the timing belt or chain in the 400? & when would it need a new belt if that's what it is ? You guys have been very helpful w/ the comments. I'm trying to get the maintenance info before I purchase this thing so I don't make the same mistake I made w/ my Last car .....Horror story....ate up all my money..... Thanks
  11. Ok, well I guess it's time for you to do some hunting. My best bet for you is get some contacs of dealers who only sell cars to a specific customer in you local area. I live in Orlando FL, I currently have 2 contacts in Orlando & Tampa area dealers who only requests a fee of 150-400 I believe. He will get the car for you and You inspect the vehicle. Then purchase. I think that's the route I'm going to take. But as far as my original question do any of you sc400 owners happen to know the avg cost for the routine maintenance for these beauties ?
  12. I live in the Orlando FL, area. There's 1 dealer close by. I also can make a trip down to south florida where It's nothing but Lexus Lexus. Everyone and their grandma drives a lex. How do you think think the avg cost for a maintenance such as 30k, 60k, 90k will look ? I'm looking to buy one w/ around 59k to 65k. had 2 of them 97 & 98 for under 19k. I just lost both of them !! I read on one of the forums that someone paid $600 for a brake job chezzze I like to do my own oil changes, brakes. How easy is it to change the brakes, (on my last car i bought lifetime pads from autozone
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