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  1. Having some problems with the tire shop but heres a preview of the wheel before it goes on to my car. And heres a pic of my car ;p
  2. After five years I am finally replacing my stock wheels with new ones. Yippee! Today I am having 18x7.5 Falken Hanabi's (bronze) and 235/40 Falken ZE912 wheels put on. I will post pics up soon :)
  3. I am thinking about getting the eibach pro kit from that comes with springs and F/R sway bars. I was wondering what peoples opinions are about Eibachs springs and sway bars before I decide to purchase them for my 2003 IS300.
  4. Ya I like the Falkens the best out of the 3. I think its the directionaly twist that was the icing on the the cake for me, it made them more unique. As far as tire rack goes, they have nothing I like on their :(
  5. Wow Work wheels are expensive -.0 Lol I am just getting new wheels to replace my bent stock ones not planning to go bankrupt in the process ;p Also I wanted wheels noticeably lighter than the stock 26lb sport design wheels. Realizing how lighter wheels tend to cost alot more, it was really hard for me to find lightweight wheels at low enough prices that still looked good to me.
  6. Hey guys im in the process of getting new wheels for my 03' Black onyx IS300. I have narrowed my selection down to 3 wheels. Which one do you guys like the best? Your opinions are much appreciated. I have photoshops of the enkei evo5 and falken hanabi's, but not the ace radiums. I will be getting them in 18 inches. Ace Radium 22.5 lbs Enkei Evo 5 20lbs Falken Hanabis 19lbs
  7. Well after putting much thought into it. I decided to go with a totally different wheel concept. I really like these Tenzo DC-5s in the bronze or black variation. Which color you guys think will look better on a black is300
  8. Haha. I sure will and thanks for replying to my post.
  9. +45mm offset and 6" backpsacing. I thought the 7.5 meant how wide the wheels are? :( sorry I am new to the world of aftermarket wheels. Here is a link. Visit My Website
  10. Hey guys, I was going to be purchasing motegi sx5 18x7.5 wheels for my 2003black is300. here is a pic of the wheels. I am wondering whats the largest tire size I can put on my car w/o having any rubbing problems. I am currently thinking about doing 235/40/18 all the way around. After I intall my new tire and wheel package on my car I am going to drop my car about 1 to 1.5 inches. So I wanted to take that into consideration as well. Any advice would be great.
  11. Hey, I wanted to start a topic on how many dings you guys have on your cars due to damages incurred by disrespectful, mindless people. These are probably the most frustrating things that can happen to your car, especially when you care alot about it and the fact that it costs rediculous amounts of money to fix dem. :cries: I have a total of 11 dings. :chairshot:
  12. Hey guys before I get to the main point, here is a little background on my car. My car is a lease and ever since I have gotten this car I have taken it to the lexus dealership for its periodic maintenance's. As you all know it is very expensive. Since my car was leased for four years I did not know what I was gonna do witht the car when my lease matured so I always took it to the lexus dealership for maintenance just in case If I ever planned to give the car back to them and I didnt want my lease to be void if I took it to a "Nonlexus" place and they screwed up my car. WEll it turns out aft
  13. Actually 600/mo from progressive was pretty accurate. My is300 is under my moms name under allstate its the same price. So the fact that you are only 21 and you are getting a quote for 600/mo , you are very lucky.
  14. I have no idea what you are talkinga bout lmao. But if know one will respond here try and try posting your question there. Hopefully they might be more helpful.
  15. I own a 2003 lexus Is300, and I was interested in getting satellite radio. I am not planning to have it installed professionally since it is after market I just want to buy one that can be plugged in and used. I am new to this area of technologically so I wanted soem insight from any other is300 owners with satellite radio. I want to know how satellite radio is installed on an IS300. Thanks.
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