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  1. FYI- the Lockpick 3 Basic which allows using the nav while moving goes in the rear compartment behind the dvd reader. No need to take the dash apart.
  2. The BT in your RX only supports a phone connection and then only 1 at a time. It doesn't do audio from the BB or iPod - you need a 2010 RX to pair the audio device. You can hardwire the iPod with a kit from Vaistech and you can use the regular iPod with the kit - you don't need the touch since it isn't BT. -Ken
  3. 3 days :( damn... let us know how everything goes <_< That's a long time! Mine's been going for over a year trying to stop the white dust....
  4. I'm currently driving a 2010 (don't even ask why - but, I'll tell you anyways - white dust is back). Back on topic. I've paired my Blackberry Bold with the audio system in the loaner (it doesn't have nav, just blue tooth) and when I paired the phone it found both the audio device and the remote. The audio comes up in the display as BT-A and plays fine - it also allows you to use the steering wheel controls to change the tracks up and down - pretty cool! Be sure your phone supports the Bluetooth profile to allow it (A2DP) and for the remote function (AVRCP). The Bold does both. -Ken
  5. You got it. The rattle that is caused by the 2 cover release tabs on the trunk lid is totally fixable. Just have the dealer replace the 2 side rails (where the cover rides) and the 2 tabs that are clipped into the trunk lid (that ride against the release tabs) with the 2009 pieces. All 4 need to be the '09 parts, don't let them mix them with '07 or '08 parts. Mine was done this way last year (under warranty) and had not rattled since. -Ken
  6. If you don't have the smell now, you will next year when you use the heat. Your coating probably just started coming off (or enough of it isn't off yet) for the mold (or whatever stinks) to start growing. I'd bring it back and get the heater core replaced while it's still under warranty. -Ken
  7. This problem can be solved permanently - my dealer replaced the 07 trunk lid tabs and the rails that the cover sits in with the 09 parts. The 09 parts no longer have the little glue on stickers on the ends of the trunk tabs that always fell off on mine. All 4 pieces need to be replaced. Now I can use the cover with the auto re-track working and not rattling. If your car is still under warranty - go back to the dealer and have them fix it right.
  8. I have the 8.1 Nav disc and there is no 'I Agree' screen - it just pauses with the warning for a few seconds then goes to the map display when you start the car. I also have the Lockpick 3 installed (so I can enter destinations while driving) and it does not interfere with it. The Lockpick 3 also has circutry in it to push the 'I Agree' button for you - but they work fine together. There are no new features in 8.1 except for newer roads and POI's. Version 9.1 is out now also and again the only difference is updated roads and POI's.
  9. Currently it's 8.1 for the gen 5 nav. The new disks usually come out in Sept or Oct.
  10. Yes it stays in all the time. It located in a dvd player in the back right hand side trunk. There is a small access door on the right under the mat and door that hides the tools.
  11. No not any, you'll need the gen 5, 8.1 map dvd. But, you might want to wait a few months and get the 9.1 dvd, it should come out in Sept/Oct. And, on ebay - be careful. You may end up with a copy which may or may not work properly. Always email the seller and be sure you are getting the original disk.
  12. Yes it will, thank goodness still 6700 miles left on the warranty Sounds just like what I had. Mine went while I was driving and I didn't notice until I got home and got out to open the garage door. I thought the engine was on fire with all of the smoke coming out. Other than the oil line, there were a bunch of parts with foam in them that soak up the oil and these will all need to be replaced too. This happened right after replacing the heater core for the white dust problem - in fact, while driving it home from this repair. Lexus gave me a 100k platinum warrantee and a few k$ for
  13. There is an oil line that goes up to the valve timing system. Mine got a leak after dealer did the TSB for the white powder issue - dealer replaced it with an upgraded part. I don't know if there is a TSB for it or not. They told me they've been seeing a lot of these oil lines fail.
  14. On the '07, I would keep an eye out for a buildup of white particles on the dash. If you're still under warranty then bring it back to the dealer and get the evaporator coil replaced. If not under warranty, I don't know - but they have to pull the entire dash out to replace it and it'll be an expensive fix. Symptoms are white particles on the dash, and in the fall, when you switch over to heat instead of a/c you'll get a burnt moldy smell from the heater. There are probably some other TSB's but this would be the pricey one and the one to get done before the warranty runs out. I don't thin
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