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  1. It seem the paint on the Lexus RX350 is not as durable in all colors. Mine easily gets scratch too. There are numerous paint pinholes around the front.
  2. Dont have any problem with the battery nor charging system on my 2010.
  3. My other car will not turn on the engine light if the battery power is low or even if you remove the batter. Ask the dealer what was the engine code. Then google it and find out exactly what it is. Sound fishy to me.
  4. Some of these bolts have a little dab of paint at the bolt head and into the thread. I suppose one of its use is to be able to visually check if the bolt move.
  5. I looked at the manual. Its only for AWD. I am not really sure why? Ask your customer rep why that is needed. Retorquing is not difficult. But you have to lift the car and have a torque wrench.
  6. Check the a/c fuse in the fusebox. Pull it out and see if the wire is broke. I would take it to the dealer anyway.
  7. If I am buying a new car and their is as much as a ding on it, I will not take delivery and ask for a brand new car.
  8. I removed my cargo cover. I also removed the cargo end part that is attached to the rear door. No more rattle.
  9. This is what I am thinking too. That it may be the wheel that is not perfectly round. I once had this problem with another car where the vibration is too much and turned out to be a bent wheel. Don't accept that this vibration is "withing limits". No such thing. My Rx350 is smooth with no vibration whatsover in highway speeds. Next time I would be getter to test drive a car when buying. Does not matter whether its brand new or used. And test it on regular road and highways. In fact it's best if you can take it home for the weekend. Dealers will agree to that if they think you are a potential and serious buyer.
  10. Here is a picture of the cargo cover holder. Its shown upside down. There are four clips that attaches it to the rear door. I found three of mine was loose producing a rattle specially when I hit a bump on the road.
  11. I also have a rattle coming from the front passenger seat by the side. It turns out that the seat belt buckle is hitting something in there producing an annoying noise. Make sure the belt is straight and the buckle is not hitting on anything.
  12. I removed both- the one by the rear door and the one that retracts. The noise went away!!! If you don't want to remove it, try this: you need to put a small rubber bumper by the clip. Somebody else did this successfully. Go to your hardware store and find the right size and thickness rubber grommet or rubber washer. I believe the noise is when the metallic click fastener vibrates. Good luck.
  13. Thanks, the pictures makes it clearer. Does that mean a filter change means changing the filter element and not the housing and filter? This is a first for me.
  14. Some people smoke crack too, so why shouldn't everyone? Its an individual decision each carmaker makes alongside their corporate attorneys. BMW is obviously less risk averse than Toyota, but they are in the minority. Most carmakers lock out the nav functions when moving. Complain all you want about that one, its not going to change. For $299 you can buy something to give it to you. However I will wait and see how irritatiing or serious this is before I buy it.