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  1. There is an all metal hose . Ask for it or you wont get it.
  2. Yes, but it beats that other alarm that was absolutely annoying.
  3. After reading the this thread I went back and looked into the prices of this hitch. Why is is going up so high? I purchased one on line a little over a year ago and only paid 220.00
  4. 1) Turn the car ON but do not start the engine, keep foot off brake. Cycle your trip reset button until it reads ODO. Turn ignition back OFF and wait a few seconds. 2) Make sure seatbelt is not fastened. 3)Turn the ignition back ON, but do not start the car, keep foot off brake. As soon as you see everything light up, press and hold the trip reset button and do a long 12 second count. 4)Keep your finger on the trip reset button! Fasten your seat belt. As soon as you fasten your seat belt you should see the ODO display go from XXXX miles to "b-on". At that time take your finger off of th
  5. Has anyone tried to order Lexus all weather mats lately? They seem to be really hard to find.
  6. Check out this web page;idCategory=33
  7. I picked up on this topic on another subject in the forum. I would be curious to hear from others on their experience of susbstaining damage to their vehicles at the dealership. I had my roof rack damaged when I took it in to get the cross bars repaired. They somehow became jammed. When I got my RX back the end caps were broken, but it was put back in a way as to hide the damage. My wheels were scratched all the heck and back when I had a flat repaired. I got the repairs made properly but with no compensation for my time which I consider valuable. I know I am not alone on this one. Ex
  8. I thought I was all alone on the damage issue. The only time my RX has ever been damaged was at the dealership.
  9. NO mute, but you can increase the the volume on guidance announments. I have mine set on 3 and its plenty loud. Can you describe how the volume is adjusted for the nav announcements? Is it in the audio menu, or another setting screen? Thanks.. Push the "MENU" button , then select "VOLUME" on your screen. "ADAPTIVE VOLUME CONTROL" should appear, then select the setting you desire.
  10. 1) Remove rear tool tray( NAV DVD player is underneath) a)fold down rear seats b)find velcro tabs on each side of rear tray cover where it meets back seats c)lift velcro tabs d)slide fingers gently along edge where rear cover meets rear seats to release 5 plastic push pins. e)Use 12mm socket to remove the 2 now visible hinge bolts f)remove tool tray cover g) remove tool tray, There are 2 black push pin on both sides that pry up easily. NAV DVD player should now be visible on passenger side 2) Put ignition in ACC position 3) If there is a dust cover on un
  11. I have found it mostly happens when both parties are trying to talk at the same time.
  12. You can details on the most recent updates here.
  13. YES YES, thank God, YES. That alone was worth 200 bucks. :)
  14. I just replaced the DVD in my '08 with the 9.1 version. To determine which version you are using now, push the "Menu" button then touch "map DVD" in the upper right hand corner. The DVD is in the trunk space under the tool tray which has to be removed to get to it.
  15. NO mute, but you can increase the the volume on guidance announments. I have mine set on 3 and its plenty loud.
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