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  1. codes are showing ECM and O2 sensor issues, both may be related and will cause CEL to come on . may or may not cause any performance issue , but will eventually the others are all dealing with operation of AC , its ability to sense heat input, and rid system of humidity and sense humidity
  2. I have found that you MUST use lexus OEM parts. ONLY
  3. I did the plugs on mine, same year. I am a fairly accomplished mechanic, and it took me 3 hours , it is a bear of a job. The rest of the items are cheap. I'd say its in the ball park , they will clean the MAF I suspect , but ask A dealer will probably be closer to 900 If your handy do it yourself , probably $200 in parts .
  4. this happened on my 350 but it was all gas - it ended up being the coil to the spark plug. Felt like I was going over rumble strips
  5. could be neutral saftey switch and it still could be battery. Unlike days of old, the batteries these day can go "just like that" good one minute , gone the next. The fact that your lights turned on is not an indication the battery is good
  6. Its a misfire, I have had the same issue. Mine was plug related although the code indicated coil. Since it was intermitant I went with plugs only and itr cured the issue .At 110K you should have all plugs replaced by now, codes from bad plugs can self clear after multiple starts. Coils can cause intermitant issues. I did it myself, but a job not for the faint of heart.
  7. my 07 RX 350 has a "lifetime " fluid in the tranny. There is not a service interval that is recommended by Lexus. Take that for what it is worth. To have it changed you must go to dealer, it is a very exact process. Not sure about the transaxle but your mileage seems low to worry much about it
  8. I put bridgestone Dueler HT on mine and love them, I run Toyo Versado's on my Mercedes, and love them too That said ,cant go wrong with the Michlens
  9. no , you will be fine, its too bad they made it worse tho... keep after them and dont pay a dime. Make sure it is fixed properly
  10. I am not sure of that , I know brakes are a bit different , but not sure about engines, sorry
  11. There was a recall of oil lines for 2007 , or at least a campaign to have them fixed ( free of charge at dealer) . I has mine done, not sure this is your issue , but probably should check it out
  12. strange thing is the CEL went off, been running perfect. I bought plugs and coil pack but am waiting to see what happens. Plug interval is `125K, and I am at 115 so I am going to wait
  13. SO new code - shows coil pack number one cylinder, I look and it appears I have to take intake off. I am an average DIYer , should I attempt. She has 120K , so I thought I'd tackle the plugs too Any one do this and should I attempt in my garage?
  14. I just put on bridgestone ecopias, they are awesome, that is all I can say , quiet , solid , nice ride. Better than the MX4s that were on there I have the 18's and mine is a 97 Rx 350
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