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  1. Welcome to the LOC, Rich I think you may have a bad door lock actuator. The part is kind of expensive. I had one replaced on a GS300 of mine and the part was $300+ USD that I bought on ebay. If I remember correctly, I read on here that someone repaired a door lock actuator as opposed to replacing it. Good luck
  2. Happy Birthday Flop! Wish you the very best Ray
  3. If you were going to race the Accord you should have floored it, not p*ssy footed it LOL. :D These cars are very expensive to maintain if you take them to the dealership. If you're not a DIY type of guy, my recommendation is find a good independent mechanic that is experienced with servicing Lexus, or take it to your local Toyota dealership. Chances are the Toyota dealership will be cheaper than the Lexus dealership.