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  1. It looks good. More on the handsome side of looks as opposed to the exiting E-class, which looks more feminine. It does remind me of the 80's styled Benzes even the interior looks kind of stoic, something of a trend of theirs back then.
  2. Bullmtnbiker, welcome to the LOC This may sound like a silly/obvious question, but are your parents trying to silence the alarm with the remote while the charged battery is connected? Because if they're just disconnecting the battery to get it to stop, the system still remains armed and still thinks the car is being stolen. For future reference be sure that when you disconnect the battery, that the alarm system has been disarmed ie doors are unlocked with remote or key.
  3. Not necessarily. I like to check the simpler and more probable issues first. Loose cables, bad battery, or dirty poles will cause problems like you're having and the battery is among the simplest and lesser expensive to check out first :) Keep us posted. Ray
  4. I'd start off by checking battery cable connections, making sure they're clean and tight. If that's fine maybe you should take it somewhere that they can check the charging system to verify that it's ok.
  5. MR Please You got it.... Thats how I made mine... Scotch, was on the rocks :D
  6. I'm glad to see that some of the old adage, "you reap what you sow" is falling upon them.... Different story: Today a very strange thing happened to me when I was gassing up my LS. I pulled up to the pump as usual and put in my debit card to start the transaction, and noticed the computer system on the pump was running really slow. I didn't think much of it as about 10 of the 14 pumps were being used so I figured the system was overwhelemed. After about a minute it showed the written instructions to proceed with pumping gas, so I started filling my tank. I kept on pumping until the nozzle clicked, then I looked at the pump so I could "round up" the dollar amount and noticed that it was only at $0.20! I figured it was just the system running slow so I just put the nozzle in the slot and requested a receipt. It printed out that all I had purchased was $0.20 of gas! Mind you, when I pulled in to the station, the low fuel light had just turned on, so I figured I pumped around 20 gals of fuel. I was elated for a second, but my conscience kicked in and convinced me to go inside, tell them of the obvious malfunction and try to pay the difference. Well, after I talking to the clerk, then the supervisor, then a manager, she told me "the pump is busted and I can't tell how much gas you put in to know how much to charge you, so thanks and have a good day." Indeed, I did have a good day! I bought a couple of NY strips and some scotch. Don't worry, I'll share :cheers: Ray
  7. I really like the clear headlights, looks good ... Where did you find them?
  8. LOL thanks for the clarification. I have never before heard a rear diff referred to as a pumpkin. :)