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  1. Hey Voran, sorry to hear of your predicament. I'm sure you've made a point the service manager that you and a senior technician have duplicated the problem twice already, that should merit them looking in to the problem further. If I were you, I would try another Lexus dealership and see if that helps. If no luck there, my next step would be calling corporate Lexus. Not until I've exhausted those options would I seek legal remedy. If you're courteious and persistent I'm sure you won't have to get involved with a lawyer. Let us know what transpires
  2. Sounds like you bought a car that your wife didn't want to begin with... I feel sorry for you, you'll never hear the end of it until you get rid of it LOL. Hopefully thats not the case Beaverdan, goodluck bud ;)
  3. Guys, you all make good points, Lexus being luxury, Hyundai being value. The majority of car companies have to start somewhere. Actually, most of our coveted Japanese marks ie Toyota, Honda and Nissan, started off being companies that made cars that were small, inexpensive and miserly on fuel. At that time being a great value in their respective markets. Now, they all have created well respected luxury brands for the industry, and even been the inventors of some features today. So, will Hyundai eventually pass that route? I think it's only a matter of time. Usually, how these companies got their foot in the door of the market, was offering more for less money. Now, do I think the Hyundai compares to the Lexus? I would never compare the two, as of right now, that would be apples to oranges. ;)
  4. Hey josping, I found these instructions on here, I have a '95 LS as well and it worked on the first try. Good luck 1. sitting in driver seat, with driver's door OPEN, press lock/unlock button ON THE DRIVERS DOOR to lock all doors, then manually unlock driver door only. 2. Insert YOUR key in ignition, DO NOT TURN, then remove key. 3. Using the same lock/unlock button ON THE DRIVERS DOOR, slowly press lock-unlock in 5 cycles 4. Shut door. 5. Open door. 6. Using the same lock/unlock button ON THE DRIVERS DOOR, again slowly press lock-unlock in 5 cycles 7. With the door open insert your key into the ignition, turn to 'on' position (DON'T START), wait 5 seconds. Turn off and remove key. 8. Locks should cycle once (Car will lock and then unlock once by herself). If they don't cycle or they cycle more than once, do steps 1-7 over. 9. Now using the remote, push lock button, hold for one second, then release the button. The locks should cycle once. If not, start over and go slower. 10. Close the door. 11. Open the door. 12. Press the lock button on the remote. The locks should do a lock-unlock cycle. 13. Close the door 14. Press the lock button on the remote, the doors should lock. 15. Press unlock button and the doors should unlock. before it get successfully programmed, you will hear a 10-seconds long beep
  5. Hello Athens, I used to have an 01 GS300, that I bought with 42k miles in 03/04 and drove it until it was totalled in 01/07 at 90k miles. In that period, the car was relatively troublefree with the exception of an O2 sensor, and two door lock actuators went bad. I believe the biggest service you have coming up is the replacement of the timing belt, water pump, idler bearings, camshaft seals etc. at 90k miles. I loved my GS, I was planning on keeping it for many more miles than 90k, but hey things happen. If the car is in good shape, and you like it, I'd say keep it :)
  6. hehe, either the saleperson doesn't know whats going on, or he just wanted you to buy right then :)
  7. Hello Diamond, I have never heard of any car just locking the driver's door and leaving the others open, unless the doors that are left unlocked maybe are not shut completely? Or all the door actuators were bad with the exception of the driver's door. Being yours is quite new it's unlikely that they would fail so early. Apparently, the car locking the doors that were left open after exiting the vehicle and walking away was a security feature on the 07. If your door locks function normally when you lock the doors yourself (either via power door lock switch, or keyless entry button) the actuators might not be the problem. Maybe some sort of control module for the system is faulty. On the bright side your car is under warranty, so keep us posted on what takes place. Good luck :)
  8. heh, i can try, but the wire only comes out one way? It makes this clicking kind of noise, or like something is getting scraped inside and the tape won't play, so it pops the tape right out. the cassette slides right in and the wire is on the right side, so i didn't really consider putting it in the other way. Hey JM, I'm sorry I should have been more clear. I meant pressing the button that reverses the direction of play for the tape. I'm not sure if this will help cosnidering your cassette player is making clicking noises, and ejecting the tape etc. Good luck bud
  9. Hey Steve, thanks for the reply. The light does come on when I press the button, and the side mirrors will defrost, except the rear window. I'll make sure and do a more thorough search for the fuse. As far as our weather, its our typical summertime pattern. Beautiful blue skies in the morning, and violent thunderstorms mid/late afternoon. Thanks, from the lightning capital of the US LOL. P.S. We're supposed to go to Busch Gardens this weekend.
  10. Hey JM, did you try reversing the play direction of the cassette? Not trying to be sarcastic :) Mine plays in one direction, and not the other
  11. Hello, I have a '95 LS and the rear window defogger doesn't work at all, although the side mirrors do. I have checked the fuse under the hood, but being I'm not an expert, maybe I have overlooked something else? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Ray
  12. Hey Matros, I'm not a mechanic, but my '95 LS used to not feel as steady at highway speeds when i first purchased it. Instead of moving up and down when i went over bumps, it felt more as though it would sway/wobble side to side. I took it to a shop to check out the suspension, and they told me that I needed to change the struts and sway bars on the front end. It was expensive but now it rides awesome. Hope this helps. Oh, by the way, if your car has air suspension I believe there will be a rocker switch next to the gear shift. B)
  13. Hey Pursuit, I believe it could be the door lock actuator. I had to replace mine on my old GS300. It cost me approximately $280- $300 for the part on ebay. Hope it helps B)
  14. Hey guys, I have a 95 LS400 and was wondering if anyone knows of a high quality HID kit for a '95 LS. Normally I don't get in to modifying my car with aftermarket accessories, but HID lights make such a difference in driving that I'm thinking of going forward with it. Has anyone had any positive or negative experience doing this kind of modification? Thanks for any info.
  15. I agree with ya on that one bud. My insurance company totalled my GS, I was sad to see her go, but from a financial standpoint I didn't do bad. I bought it in March 04 with 41K Miles for $24,600 put 49K Miles on it and it was totalled Jan 07 with 90K Miles, and the insurance co. gave me $18,000, you all do the math :-D I'd say a Lexus depreciates very well :-) After the lien holder was paid off I had over $8,000 to get a new ride. I bought a '95 LS400 which I'm really happy with. I'll post pics soon. Have a good one, fellas
  16. That button that you guys are talking of, I first noticed on an '95 M-B S500 that my grandparents owned. The instructions manual referred to it as being a way to help the driver modulate the transmission downshifts, and potentially saving on gas. The way it operated is that if you pushed the gas pedal almost all the way down, the transmission would downshift no more than one gear. If you pushed the pedal beyond that until it clicked, the transmission would downshift to the lowest gear possible depending on the speed. After driving different types of cars, I've found it on to be popular on European cars, Benzes, Bimmers, and on a Range Rover. The LS is the only Lexus that I've noticed it on, my 01 GS didn't have it, but there are Lexus models I haven't driven so another model may have it as well. Hope this helps
  17. Hello, if yours says Premium on the dash, then its the Lexus sound system, not the Mark Levinson. Although not as good as the Mark Levinson system, the Lexus sound system is not bad. The subwoofer really helps out a lot.
  18. With friends like that who needs enemies? Just kidding. I'm not shocked that the insurance said thats $14K worth of damage. I had an 01 GS300 and my sister rear-ended a grand cherokee and it didn't look that bad, and the insurance company said they stopped counting after it exceeded $12K. Good job on the pics.
  19. Hello, it sounds like to me that the door lock actuator has gone bad. I had an 01 GS300 that had the same problem on the passenger door. As I remember, the part cost around $300 for the actuator. I'd look around on ebay to try and find it. Hope this helps
  20. Hello, assuming it's an aftermarket switch and the pictogram, I think its for a radar detection system. Good luck