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  1. Thanks for all the replys guys. Turns out it wasn't the FP ECU at all. The fuel pump was seized for some odd reason. Replaced the pump and alls well. The odd thing is that most people thought it was most likely the ECU, even the 2 Lexus parts dealers I contacted. But I guess any and all components can give sooner or later. Thanks for all the assistance fellas!
  2. No, the AC was on when it shut down. It just wouldn't start up again and its been 2 days now, turns over fine, just wont start. A freind of mine said it could also be that the timing belt snapped off, but I'm sure I would have felt/heard something if that was the case.
  3. Hi guys, I was driving to the supermarket yesterday and all of a sudden the car shut down (93 SC400). Went to try and start it and it seems to almost fire up again but no luck. The rest of the attempts were hopeless. The car turns over nice and fast so its not alternator or battery problem. Tried to fire it up a few hours later, but still no luck. Car was running fine before that, no warning lights, AC was on also. Have never had any problems like this before. I checked out the previous posts that all point to the fuel pump ECU. But they all stated that the car would stall, would start up a
  4. Jim, I have the exact same problem with the drivers side switch. I can lower thw passenger window from the passenger side, but from the drivers side, neither window will work. Whats strange is that the power door lock and window lock switches still work. And these are part of the same switch box. Has anyone figured this out???
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