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  1. If you have an amp in the trunk, check to see if it got wet. This occured with my '95 SC400 and the radio/cd died.
  2. I would be very interested in finding out what you have done as I don't wish to have a cassette stuck in the player, not do I wish to compromise sound quality as so many have mentioned with the FM transmitter. If you would be so kind to tell me what you did I would appreicate it. I was considering tapping the cassette head leads and adding an external AUX jack, but thought I'd inquire first of your technique. Thanks
  3. This rod bearing you speak of ... is there any way to determine which cylinder is causing the problem? Can one unplug the spark plugs one at a time to establish the affected rod? Once one finds the culprit, can you fix that rod bearing (or is it actually a bushing?) without have to tear everything apart? I.E. can you remove the pan, disconnect the rod, push the rod up the cylinder a notch to gain clearance and replace the bad components? Or, does the head need to come off and the piston completely out? BTW, any thoughts as to why this would occur in the 1st place as the engine only has 12
  4. Thank you for your interest in helping me on this. I ended up creating a MFD frame similar to the Nak frame to mount a JL 10W6 with the OEM grill ... infinite baffle mounted. Rather time consuming, but it came out fine. Talk about getting a back massage while cranking the tunes!
  5. Thank you for your reply. There is no noise on startup, or while the engine is warming up. The noise is random and does not always occur under the same circumstances. I do not hear it unless the car has been driven for a few and is completely warm. It does not sound like valve clearance noise as the sound is too much of a knock, not a tap. However, I'm not familar with what a failed lifter would sound like, nor a failed camshaft, or rod bearing or main bearing ... except under very conditions. It disappears when the RPM is raised slightly above idle, in drive, brake on and car not moving
  6. My 1995 SC400 recently developed an odd sound. It is a knock that occurs only when the car is in drive, at rest with full brake on. As the RPM is raised to about 800-850 with full brake on, this sound goes away. The knock is not heard while idling in park or neutral, or while driving, even under load conditions. It is not very loud (the surrounding area must be quiet to hear this), although it is definitely present. I have changed oil and filter using Toyota parts and flushed trans using T-4 fluid (not knowing where the sound is coming from). The sound seems to be more noticeable on the
  7. Can you please tell me more about where these screens are located? I recently added a stop leak and within a few days, the pump was making one heck of a noise. Flushed the system with new fluid (2 quarts or so) and this markedly improved things, but there iis still noise upon turning the wheel left or right. I'm wondering if the stop leak stuff clogged these filter screens. :cries:
  8. George, I sent you an email to your hotmail address
  9. Lexus carries them. They run about $61 each from out of Texas. These are original Lexus OEM parts. Recently a set went for $132 on Ebay. In my opinion, $132 for used is way too much. If you can find them in a junk yard, they claim they go for about $80 a set. Seem to be rather difficult to find.
  10. Looking to buy a set of four mud guards for a 1995 Sc400. I believe ones off a '92-'96 will fit. Please contact me If you have a set you are interesting in selling.
  11. I'm looking to buy a OEM 10" Nakamichi sub for my 1995 SC400. I don't care if it's not working as I wish to gut it and use the frame to install another sub. Please contact me if you have one you are interested in parting with.
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