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  1. From our experience, Air Bags can give you what you are looking for. To take it one step further, we have done a few "hybrid" setups that mount the airbag onto a coilover body to give more customization. Let me know if you need more help!
  2. EPS- Automobile Electrical Energy Chip Regulator Product Functions: 1. With the polarity protection circuit for mistakenly connecting power supply. (Protection regulator and automobile circuit.) 2. With the battery jar anti-polarization device that can eliminate the battery jar memory effect, and prolong the battery jar’s lifespan. 3 With the factors of stabilizing the voltage, commutation, and promoting the power that can prolong the electric equipment’s lifespan. 4. With the factors of stabilizing the ignition voltage, commutation, and promoting the power that can make the ignition voltage be full and sufficient, steady the operation of the sensor, make the combustion be complete, achieve the environmental-protection effect, and has the effect of saving the petroleum for about ten percent (depending on the vehicle category and the driving habit). -Increase horse power(Dyno Proved) -Increase torque (Dyno Proved) -Saving fuel (about 10%) -Extend Battery Life -Protect electrical circuit -Smooth Shifting 1. Suitable for the climate environment that the range of temperature is from - 40? ~ +90? ( -104? ~ +130 ? ). 2. Suitable for battery jars of 6 Volt, 12 Volt, 18 Volt, and 24 Volt at all kinds of vehicle and at all different categories’ battery jar. 3. Suitable for the internal combustion engine of single cylinder, three cylinders, four cylinders, and six cylinder, and eight cylinder, operating in the area of 600RPM to 20000 RPM. 4. Providing equipment operation with indicator lamp; under normal condition, the electricity of the battery jar will not be entirely consumed within 30 days. 5. All products before leaving the factory, they have gone through the successive test quality control of 168 hours. Work Principles: Under the different revolving speed of the engine and the different driving environments, vehicle’s dynamo can supplies the electricity going up and down within the range of rated voltage. However, under different working environments, the dynamo’s power will declines, and when a vehicle’s electric equipment works, the power supply will influence the steadiness of the voltage jointly with electric equipment’ being switched on and off. For example, the intermittent starting of an air-conditioning compressor, and the gear/ speed shifting of the magnetic valve of automated transmission, etc. The movements of the electric equipment affect the stability of a vehicle’s power supply at any time. The main use purpose of the electrical energy chip is to make up for the instantaneous electricity consumption in time when the electric equipment works through the factors of stabilizing the voltage, commutation, and promoting the power. In addition through a vehicle’s power supply be able to achieve almost identical steadiness in different engine revolving speed areas and under different driving environments, the procedures of the factors of stabilizing the voltage, commutation, and promoting the power, making the ignition voltage be full and sufficient, steadying the operation of the sensor, making the combustion be complete, achieving the environmental-protection effect and the effect of saving the petroleum, and increasing the engine’s ignition efficiency indirectly. In fact, the steady voltage can do certain degree of support for the lifespan of a vehicle’s electric equipment, and this is the added value of the electrical energy chip. These are dyno numbers off a Scion XB: This product retails for $250 but we're offering it at 20% off. LuxuryMods special price: $200 Click Here To Order
  3. C'mon guys. We already have 7 people commited: 1. LEXISM 2. melvz 3. GSXLEX 4. 17GS300 5. Emerald25 6. hybridmr2 7. AsianScene (Phil) 8. 9. 10. We just need 3 more to get to the 2nd price bracket.
  4. Sorry, couldn't get a car for test fitment this weekend. We'll be posting soon.
  5. We're holding a group buy in the vendor section for this kit: This is a 7 piece Blackwood trim kit that is available for the 98-05 GS. It fits ALL models. We have the 2 button center console and 4 button one now available. This is not the sticker type of kit. These are actual panels that stick over the original pieces. Here's a couple more pictures of the kit installed:
  6. !~!~! 4 Button BLACKWOOD TRIM KIT FOR 98-05 GS300/400/340 !~!~! & !~!~! 2 Button BLACKWOOD TRIM KIT FOR 98-05 GS300/400/340 !~!~! We are now taking names and payments for the FOUR button BLACKWOOD Interior Trim Kit and also the TWO button BLACKWOOD kit. This group buy is for either kit so make sure you jump on this great offer. The Group Buy pricing for the kit are as follows. Please either post your inquire here on the LOC Forums or email us as and we will start to take orders. We are looking to receive a bunch of these in stock as they will be shipped to us within approx 2 weeks. SO this GB will be in progress for the next 2 weeks and then close. After that they will go back to the retail price of $275. Prices below are for pre-paid items and these will ship as soon as we get these in!!! The GB price will also be applied to the TWO Button kit as well. We'll be combining the orders together with other forums as well as store sales so 20 sets should be no problem. 1-10 Sets = $250 11-20 Sets = $230 20+ = $210 Add your name here if you're interested: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  7. Why get these bulbs when you can go LED? :) LED Tutorial
  8. Anyone has pictures of how the dash kits look installed? I hear that the color is a little off? Please post if possible.
  9. Yeah, actually, if you leave the clear bulbs in the middle lights (lights on the trunk) it'll look like you're driving on reverse when your headlights are on. There is a way to prevent this though. You'll have to purchase the 1157 red bulbs like this: Or you can always unplug the inner bulbs so only the outer lenses light up.
  10. Hey, thanks for the props! Here's the tutorial for the JDM tails: Here's a little more information on how to remove the inner lighting: First, you'll need to remove the ballast. There's 2 screws holding it in place, once you remove the screws, unhook the wiring harness from the ballast. Next, there's 3 bolts holding the inner lights in place. Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove them. You'll need to play around with the light to get it loose, but that's it! Hope this helps.
  11. Are these a good fit with no leaky, etc? Any pics with them lit up, as in are they as bright or brighter than stock? Are they complete units? ← The fitment is very good. These aren't OEM lighting, but they're very good quality for aftermaket lighting. We're having them installed this weekend so we'll be posting more pictures up. They're complete units: housing, lenses, bulbs and wiring.
  12. But of course! Send an email to and we'll get you a quote. Thanks.
  13. LUXURYMODS has just received a shipment of these brand new tail lights for the IS300!!! We are one of the first vendors in America who have our hands on these babies. They're Black housing tail lights with a Red/Clear LED brakelight. They're currently on special for $250 Be sure to be the first person you know with these. Click here to order
  14. we would need 2 more dome lights (for the housing with the sunroof controls....3 total) and the 2 lights over each of the rear doors. How much should we add for the rest of the lights? ← Yes, we're currently working on the map lights and also the trunk lights. Right now, those lights are not available from the lighting vendor we go through so we're looking elsewhere for them.