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  1. They don't even have enough service shuttle to pick up and drop off Lexus owners. Complained to Lexus Canada who said "this is something left to dealerships to decide."
  2. Right after starting the engine a smell in the cabin, sometimes odor vanishes and sometimes not. I checked the cabin filter and did not find much dust; also, checked the engine and found no smoke or smell coming from it. Any insights would be appreciated.
  3. So, Lexus is redefining the meaning of luxury! In my experience, only eastern europe cars have these noises now I add Lexus to the list.
  4. The frustrating part is that the owner's manual clearly states this operation, but it doesn't work.... You should call Lexus Corp. and insist on having them investigate why it's in the manual while it does not work. It may be a key fob programming glitch.
  5. And because they added those stuff they think that they've to save a buck or half. You see, I am trying to find a good execuse for them ;) .
  6. They thought doing it this way saves them buck a car!!!!! Cheaaaap!!!!!!!!
  7. Can anyone think of a reason as to why Lexus did not make this feature available in the IS? I can't think they forget something like that!
  8. Well, it looks like this is another Lexus (not just the IS) design problem that I and other Lexus cars owners have to live with! I'm sure Lexus service managers will say this is pretty normal as if the normal of Lexus is very different from other cars normal!
  9. =================== That's a good analogy; LOL. It's very uncomfortable and not suitable if seniors or babies are on board.
  10. ===================== I am pretty sure it'll spin on icy hilly roads if the cruise is on. Since you're in Canada, did you ever use the CC in winter? I still believe it accelertes way too much, the weight of the car is part of the equation which tends to drag the car down and backward that's why it tries to compensate by letting too much gas in.
  11. Did anyone notice the reaction of the cruise control on hilly roads is too much to the degree I call it "jumpy" this even is not as smooth as a cruise control of a 1990 car. I hope I am the only one who experienced that and then I'll take my baby to the dealership before the warranty expires. Thanks.
  12. The IS250 (specially the AWD) is toooooooo heavy for the horsepower that produces. Lexus has to consider trimming the extra steel weight or add at least 50 hp. This is just MHO.
  13. Did any one calibrate the IS250 as to how many miles are left when the car displays zero miles? Also, is it safe for the pump (which is in the tank) to run the car beyond zero mile left? Thanks.
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