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  1. Hi guys, I have a weird question. My 2007 IS 350 has this small annoying noise that is happening when I drive. Nothing mechanical. Here's a stock picture of the inside: If you look at the two buttons on the left side of the image, around there, where the two plastic pieces meet that are part of the dash (black on top + beige on bottom), I believe the sound is plastic squeeking from one of those or both or where they meet. The noise happens when I drive, but I can apply pressure using m
  2. In the North?! I live in IL.. that's north! We do go through some crappy winters, but as long as the roads are plowed, my snow tires are perfectly fine.
  3. Hello, I'm a proud owner of a 2007 IS 350. I bought it new and am still driving today! However, I've been having some concerns about my car's life. She's got 78k miles now and while my drive to work is short nowadays, I wanted to know how much I could expect to get out of the car? I probably drive about 9k miles a year now, if that much. I keep my car in EXCELLENT condition, garage + regular maintnence from the dealership along with waxing, cleaning, etc. The car still looks brand new (or close to it, if I wash it). A few paint chips on the front hood if I look close enough. I don't h
  4. I contacted them and they said it probably would not fit due to clearance on an IS 350 (probably similar to 250). However, once I get my snow tires put on, I'll check for myself. They also directed me to their sister site Which offers a unique product that requires a little less clearance. That one looked pretty good too. Any other ideas on these? Thanks Jeff.
  5. It's that time of the year again! This will be my 3rd year driving in Winter with my IS 350. Last 2 years was so-so. Basically if the roads are plowed and I'm using my winter tires, I am ok for the most part. There were a couple times I had to use my driving skills to make sure I didn't get stuck or drive too fast. It can be done. I came across these "GoClaws" as they call them. It seems like a better alternative than chains (which I never used). They look a lot less noticeable too. I am wondering... 1) What your guys thoughts are on this product. 2) Would t
  6. Aha, a black car attracting bugs. What detailing products do you use? Your not alone. I thought I was the only one! It's damn annoying, my car is also black. Jeff.
  7. I'd like to see a pic too, that sounds interesting! Jeff.
  8. Are you smashing the accelerator when you see a green light? LOL. It does take a bit getting use to, my friends are always laughing about that too. I'm not sure thats a bad thing though, but I don't drive in the city... so I could definately see where that could be an issue. Jeff.
  9. I have heard of companies starting popping up with ways to convert gas engines into a semi-hybrid car by using water pumps, etc. Has anyone had any success with these? Will any of these systems void any warrenties and is any of these systems promoted by Lexus? (I doubt it since they are pretty new). Jeff.
  10. Hmmm, now see, I'm the exact opposite. I like that they are the same. If fact, I wish the ISF looked just like the 250 and 350 also. Just because then they have to wonder which one you have.......and it's up to you if want to let them know.....or not. ;) I just give em a ride and let em guess :) On that same note, I can hardly tell between BMW's too, I usually look at the back for the tag. Hey, I noticed the 250 shaked a bit when I sitting stopped, is that normal? Maybe they just gave me a bum 250. Jeff.
  11. It came back looking brand spanking new! I don't get why people give em a bad name. Plus, I can't wash the thing for anything, I tried and tried and I leave streaks all over and I feel like I'm not doing a good job. If I can't even wash the damn thing, how am I going to expect to buf & wax it?? I've NEVER done these things before. Plus, All other places that wash and wax have mixed reviews when checking online... so I figured I'd give em a shot, came out good... whats the prob? Jeff.
  12. I JUST had my 15k mile service last friday. It cost me $300.99 (exactly) and I got the 15k mile service + buff & wax and some detail (they cleaned the inside too). So, I would say its a bit high unless there doing other stuff included. Jeff.
  13. Says everything I need to know about you pal. I think the joke is on you if that's what you think. The 250 is a fine car for most things and most people I'm sure. It's a damn good looking car and if you can't afford the 350, Get the 250! I'm just saying, I wanted a fast luxury car and I got one. When I drove the 250, I was glad I picked the 350 because I don't think the 250 suits me. The IS-F is insane. The charger doesn't have the luxury like the Lexus has, come on! I'm sure you could get a real fast car, but who cares if its not a Beamer, Lexus or Mercedes!
  14. 250 or 350, they are sexy! It's funny too, cause when I test drove the 250 and 350 it didn't seem too different... then again, I guess I didn't test drive them very much or very well :) I drive about 1250 miles a month, more than average... thats one reason I wanted a luxury car! Makes the drive much more tolerable. Jeff.
  15. I completely understand... I was just amazed that it was that much of a difference, I was expecting some, not that much though. Like you said 2 seconds, doesn't sound like that much.... it is. Jeff.
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