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  1. OEM is $40. Universal items at $1.99 - I just can't find one to work with the 3/8inch hole left by taking out the original. Anyone have any low cost solutions to the OEM $40 piece of plastic? (this clip fastens to the inside of the hood and holds the "hood prop" to the hood, when the the hood is closed) Thanks
  2. While it won't show up in the LCD display as you would like, a $10 cassette adaptor is your most cost effective/sonically superior solution. I have a iphone/pod holder attached to my windshield ( $20 ) so I can see the readout on the iphone. This solution sounds great.
  3. Is is possible to put another color bulb behind the dash so the dash gauges and middle/radio, heater gauges are a different color? I don't like the Orange and would like to change it to blue. Thanks
  4. Thanks smooth. I don't get the "Va-voom" sound while backing down driveway, I'm going down normally. I also seem to get this "va-voom" with the clicking sound when turning the car. This only happens once, after the car has been sitting I'm backing out of a parking space when i go to turn and take my foot off the brakes I get the Va-Voom and clicking sounds. The car was just pre-certified by lexus so I'm hoping the ABS isn't seriously damaged. They say the clicking is normal but I was not able to re-produce the "va-voom" for them. I'm going back soon. THe brakes have worked fine in all situat
  5. Does anyone experience a 'clicking' sound when turning at a 45 degree angle? This only happens when the car has sat and I'm backing out of a parking space. I back out then turn 45 degrees to go straight and here a clicking in the front end. I've been told this is the brake pads shifting and is normal. As well, when I go down my drive way, after making a sharp turn and driving down a steep angle, taking my foot off the brakes I always get a discharge sound like "Va-voom", and the brake pad sometime vibrates, sometimes does not. I've been told this is the ABS discharging? Anyone?
  6. What about Maguires swirl and scratch remover for black onyx paint. I bought some but haven't used it yet. Thanks
  7. I'm cool. Went here and got a transponder/remote key for $79 Will get it cut at locksmith, or dealership. My tech buddy at Lexus will program, though the seller says they will help with programming. Seems like a good deal. Anyone-can these keys be had for less than 75-80$
  8. Where is this answer-not clear on where you answered? I have one master/remote and am looking for the least expensive way to duplicate and have 2 masters. Lexus wants 250$ I can get the programing done for free. Seem's like buying an uncut on ebay and having a local locksmith cut is the best way to go.
  9. Step by step, detailed instruction for everything you need to to know: Prep, wash, detail, inside and out, products, applicators etc.
  10. Hey Smooth, Glad I could be of help. You were the first person to respond to me about a month and a half ago when I was first starting to look at buying an IS 300. You responded to several of my questions/needs; appreciate brother. Hope you're well and enjoying. Now if I could just get 22+mpg while driving 'sporty style'...
  11. This is a great step by step series on how to wash and detail your car-inside and out. Gets into the chemistry of the products and application thereof. As a brand new IS 300 owner I haven't found a better comprehensive guide. They push their specialty brand of products, but also include major brands like Meguires etc.
  12. I had a "pre-certified diagnostic" done at Lexus ( I"m lucky and know the service Manager.) The only real issue they had with the car is that the lot I bought it from put on cheap brake pads. 04 IS 300 Sport 41k miles for 20K -No heated seats -Yes 2 memory seat postion -Yes, flip compartment -Yes, trunk open more than half way -Yes, spoiler I'm very happy with the car, plus the tech that did the inspection is hooking me up and being very nice. Second day the under-engine skirt got hit by something in the road and was hanging. My new friend took it off, secured the other parts of the ski
  13. My mom wants to hook up a bluetooth phone in her 07 IS 250. Could go through the speakers or got through additional speakers. She found a Lexus recommended installer that wants to put in a Peiker/Alac BT only product-no nav or mp3 just the phone into speakers, available only wholesale and installed for 750$, which sounds like a rip off. She is not interested in the Peiker/Alac "Bluetouch" mp3/phone option. She is also not interested in Garmin or the like. Any suggestions?
  14. Hi there. Welcome! I bought a 04 IS 300 Sport yesterday. The folks on this board have been most helpful. Enjoy, Josh
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