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  1. Haven't seen one in person, but it looks kinda pinkish in the catalogs. Is it pinkish in person? not at all. it's more of a silvery bluish pearl color.
  2. that's interesting. i also am hesitating to buy, wondering if 2007 will be any different. are you aware of any mid-year changes as of now (March)? is there a website with up-to-date information on any glitches found?
  3. the car i have on hold at the dealership is tungsten with black interior. i haven't seen it yet, but those are the exact colors of my current car and i love the way it looks. it is also low maintenance because dust is hard to see on silver and black leather seats don't show dirt at all. and i'm not one to wash my car every 2 weeks. :(
  4. is it easy to change the oil on the IS 250/350? i am female, and not car savvy at all. i cannot change the oil on my infiniti because the place where you change the oil is poorly engineered, even my husband said so. he has to reach behind all this crap to get to it, and it's hard to get out the filter because there are car parts in the way. he has absolutely no problems changing the oil on his acura. naturally, when choosing a new car, i'd like to get something where it is easy enough to change the oil that i can do it myself (if i wanted to). can anyone give me a quick answer on this? thanks!
  5. i asked the lexus salesperson this when i went to check out the car. he said the car can be driven, but once the ignition is turned off, they won't be able to start it again unless they had the key. so, they could get to their destination, but wouldn't be able to take it anywhere else after that.
  6. how do you guys like the stock sound system in the 2006 IS models? is it any good? the stock system is described as: "13-speaker 194-watt Premium Sound System with Automatic Sound Levelizer (ASL) and in-dash, single-feed, six-disc CD auto-changer." i hate to dish out more dough for mark levinson, but decent quality sound is important too. as long as it sounds better than a sound system i would find in a hyundai, it would be all good.
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