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  1. My 2 cents - Skip the struts and replace the springs with Eibach (if available). This will change your ride, but not as jittery as changing the struts. If you are going to do the struts go with Bils as I think there is not a big difference btween kyb and stock. I ride eibach and stock struts.
  2. I have a 1997 400. Do you want to donate that old brace to me. I'll pay for shipping!
  3. Well, I had my girl on the rack and what to my suprise did we find that caused the noise. Nothing. I ordered a new set of insulator. It seems as though the Eibach spring sis not line up with the "groove" on the insulator/ So, it has walked somewhat off center. Also, ther were no bottom rubber insulator on my old LS so we never but them on. It is my understanding that the new ones I ordered will have the bottom insulator. This should helpd. We will see. NO2 soon to be installed (75 hp). Yeh, I know....I will really cry when I blow my engine...all in the name of sacrifice. Jon
  4. WOW - This is great help. I am still not sure what is going oin but I hope to find out soon. I think that I might have to go with new rear shocks besides the new OEM I just put on. . Folks...I have to say I love the way this handles. I blast this LS into the corners and it just bending no nothing but good handling. I just need to get rid of the noise. I hope to have it apart this weekend to see what wrong with it. I can still use some more info from those who have used Eibach and OEM struts. Toddls where are you.
  5. Thankd for the help.... skperformance...I bought four new shocks and replaced them when we did the just so happens that on e of the new ones were bad in the right rear. As for the noise...I need to wait until I get the new shock in.
  6. It is 1997. He is unsure what is going on with the strut am I. I have a general understanding but the only think I can come up with is a bad right rear. As for the left rear...I need to fix the right first. Folks...I have to tell you that once I get this noise issue fixed...this upgrade will make your Lexus handle like a charm...if you like it that way.. It reminds me of my 1997 Honda Accord EX. Just allitle tighter....but imagine a 5000lbs car with a the tight Honda suspension...Can't wait for the NO2 next week. I still want to cry!
  7. 180 lsb of concrete mix in the trunk does wonders...almost makes it fun
  8. Hello! I realy want to cry> Ispend months researching the right springs and struts combo. I spent five hundred dollars on new springs (Eibach 1" and stock struts) after months of savings. I research the mechanic and on February 14th (my Valentine day massacre) we installed the parts. NOW I WANT TO CRY! Why? 1.) The right rear strut is defective. It makes an odd vibration when it is compressed...almost like there is a pepple in the strut cahmber. 2.) The right rear strut near the strut mount makea a God awful noise when I hit a bump in the road. NOTE - When we assemble the spring/strut combination before installation...I notice that the there was very little spring compression....that is you could wiggle the spring....the mechaic said not to wotty about since the weight of the care will load it down. 3.) The left rear makes a little noise whne it hit a big bumpt...again like the spring is rattaling around in there. 4.) The mechanic said don't worry that the struts are making contact with the strut bumper...that is why its there. I am worried.... PLEASE help.. I am crushed by this......I will say the front is great....good compression and all.....the back is problem. Further, the handling is awseome. Real dip at all when turining. I NEED ADVICE --- And do not tell me to stop crying......
  9. See for 92 ls400 (not Gen II year though) Still looking
  10. Not even a little bit sure. Let me do some research but I thought it was either in this forum or in clublexus. I'll do some checking.
  11. VMF, I though I read that you could use a Supra sway bar with washers? Am I even talking about the same thing....that is the bar that crosses over the engine and attached to the top of the front struts bolts
  12. Hello! Great day this Sunday in the Northeast. Windy and cold but no rain or snow. I can take out the 180lbs of concrete mix out of my trunk. Anyway Can I purchase just the bushings for the rear stabalizer link instead of the entire link ($91.00 each). The bushings are ripped and have already leaked. I have a 97 ls400 with 73000 miles. I am also going with Eiabch sprinks and new struts. After researching the struts, I decided to stick with a new fresh pair of stock springs. The KYB are supposed to be only 10% stiffer, and if that is the case, the double the price is not worth it. VMF what any ideas? Thanks -
  13. Yeh yeh yeh nitrous cool cool yeh yeh nitrous :D
  14. $20.oo cheaper at ask for jose...tell him Jon Batastini sent you....he may charge you more. hahah
  15. I am in...If all goes according to plan I will be comming with my Eiabch spring and NOS 75 shot. So long as I make it. Let's do it in Atlantic City, New Jersey (real close to home, lots of parking and if it is in the spring).
  16. For that year, Monroe sensatract and Bilstein and then jump to coil overs. I beleive that the Bilsteins are going to be to stiff. Monroe? Coil-overs- outside my budget.
  17. OK....I am now leaning to the stock struts with the Eibach springs...any comments before I order my parts which I plan to do in a few days. Any problem with the Eibach/OEM set...for example will I blow out the bottom of the struts?
  18. Here here: Do I go with Eibach and OEM or Eibach and KYB? I am not looking for race type handling..just a little more than stock? Will I get a little more with the Eibach drop or do I need Eibach and KYBs. Post responses.
  19. Hey Why are you selling them? Was it the ride quality?
  20. Try this....coast at 2-3mph at hit the breaks. Does it make the same noise? If it does, it is likely the STRUT BARS which are the bar that prevent the wheeels from moving back and forth. In fact, if the bars are bad...have a friend do the break thing and you will see your wheels move back and forth. If it charges $100.00 per bar. Replace both. Labor at a real local mechanic should be 2.5 hours Good luck.
  22. Hi, I have read your posts about the KYb. Thankd for the info. But...was the ride jumpy or just tight.
  23. Well....what did you decide. I am comiited to Eibach springs just need to decide on the struts kyb or stock. I don't want anything else. Any suggestions.
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