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  1. 99lsguy, flanker271 chnaged his tranny mount, not engine mount for $180.- With $30.- for the mount, the labor is $150.-, not $4.-
  2. ebridges, If you want to do it, change both engine mounts (2) and tranny mount (just 1) the same. It will definitely fix your vibration problem and save labor cost. I bought them ($88.12 each for engine mount, $30.87 for tranny mount) from Carson Toyota 310-522-2381. My 96 LS with both the new mounts drive like a new car.
  3. Yep, it cost me $400.- to get it back to a new car driving feel. I think it is worthy since the vibration, still and driving, was pretty bad. Actually, I seldom drive the car. The 96 LS only has 50K on it now. Don't know why the 2 mounts went bad. Especially for a Lexus.
  4. I ordered mine from Carson Toyota, 310-522-2381. The engine mount is $88.12 each (you need 2) and the tranny mount is $30.87. Carson Toyota has very good service.
  5. Hi UCF3, Oop...... Sorry about that. Clicked the wrong button.
  6. When I want to replace the tires for my 96 LS a month ago, I did lots of survey and browsed tons of websites for reviews. Then, I chose the Yokohama Avid V4S. With one month of driving on them, I "love" them very very much. They are responsive, quiet, and terrific handling. The Michelin Engine MXV4 & XGT V4 I had before are OK, but totally not comparibel to the Yokohama. Besides, the Avid V4S has "600" of treadwear and "AA" of traction. I highly recommend this one.
  7. I have a technician did it for me at $165.-
  8. Me too.............. I just changed both the engine mounts and tranny mount last week. Wow, my 96 LS is totally a different car now. During idle, I can't feel any vibration from frame and steering wheel. During driving at all different speed, I can't feel any vibration either. It is a brand new car to me now.
  9. Hi Zdeno, How much they cost (parts & labor) to chnage the trany and engine mounts? I think my 96 LS has the same problem. It's not just the steering wheel shaking. The entire front section is shaking during hard acceleration. The symptom doesn't happen all the time. Usually happen when the car is cold.
  10. Well, definitely go for the 98 or newer. The VVTi is not only get 20 more HP. The whole engine is more powerful in almost all RPM. I have a 96 LS and drove a 99 LS before. My 96 LS just doesn't have the "instant power" as the 99. When I floor it on highway, my 96 LS speed up "gracefully", but not let you "heads back". Or, does my 96 has problem?
  11. Me too. Thanks a lot for the pics. They let me know how 18" rim looks on a LS because I am thinking (just thinking) about a 17" or 18" rim for my LS400. I am more toward to the 17" since they probably won't loose too much ride comfort. But, spend that much money to just upgrade from 16" to 17"? Well, that is why I am still thinking. The Gold color is my favor. It is so easy to take care in all 4 seasons and can't see dust or mud on it too.
  12. I am searching for a knowledgeable and honest techanician in my area (San Jose, CA) for a long time without success. I can't afford the expensive local Lexus dealer service anymore :cries: . Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi PhilP, Thanks a lot for your info. I planned to buy the Turanza LS-V for my LS400 to replaced the Michellin XGT V4. After read your input, I changed my mind and ordered 4 of the Falken Ziex ZE-512 today from America's Tire. The price is $83.99+Tax each including balancing and mounted. As you said they are on 2-week backorder. Hope they are good ones.
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