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  1. do you or did you use to (if you no longer have the car) leave your smart key fob in the vicinity of your car when you parked it at home in your garage?
  2. so did the new battery solve the problem?
  3. they don't call them $tealers for nothing - they may not all be bad but you are just prey to them. the bigger your bank account, they bigger the prey and they know it. you trust them and that trust is unearned in most cases. i do most of my own maintenance and keep up with my vehicles religiously; last time i took my ls in for service, asked for very specific things to be done and it never fails, the adviser always calls back with a laundry list of stuff that my car needs which i know it doesn't bc like i said, i keep up with my maintenance and am very quick to notice the slightest noise/v
  4. so what was the problem, how'd you fix it?
  5. bought with 160K, now at 182K, before pic, during the repaint, worst was front window was leaking, the paint was really hurting, more so than I realized but I spent the cash and it's a great vehicle; I've got about 12K in it at this point but we're using it alot, will need tires soon...
  6. Recent new to me 99 now with 170K and in great shape except now being repainted due to defective paint
  7. I'm new here, hello folks. I was browsing this forum and came across this thread and had to join to chime in as I'm definitely part of this "class action" , any attorneys here. I recently purchased a 99 LX with the now infamous smokey topaz color, I cannot really refer to it as paint. I was aware of the problems prior to buying it but had not really looked into it other than knowing that I would eventually have the truck painted. It's actually in the shop now undergoing a repaint. I'll post some pics of before and during soon.
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