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  1. L-N-H knob

    I don't remember if the N L H knob on my LX470 had been lit up. I see that now it is dark, but seem to remember that the N L H letters on the top of the knob were lighted. Can't find any information on this online. If someone could please let me know it would be appreciated. I can't find anything online about changing the bulb or pictures of the knob lit at night. I seem to remember that the knob lit up in green. Can someone please check their LX and let me know if their N L H know lights up. Thank you.
  2. Shaking while idling

    My car is shaking while idling. Sometimes pretty violently. The mechanic first told me to do a tune up, change spark plugs, etc. When I picked up the car, he said it was still shaking and needed the motor mounts replaced. The car still shakes, but not as violently. He now said that the car needs new transmission mounts. Would the transmission mounts make the car vibrate while idling? I read different things on the internet. Some people say yes, while others say that the transmission mounts would make the car shake while driving, accelerating. Any advise?
  3. Mileage On Your Lx470

    I have a 2003 lx470 with 261,800 miles.
  4. I've owned my 2003 lx470 for 14 years now, driving for 261,000 miles. Never had any major issues. I went to the dealer for just a routine service and for an ongoing air conditioning issue of loosing gas and complaining about the car shaking. Also, for about a year, I had been complaining about something loose on the bottom of the car, that I could feel tapping under my feet. I was always told that they couldn't find anything loose underneath, but I kept complaining.. Next I know I received a phone call while at my office telling me of many issues which included: leaking water pump, leaking steering wheel pump, needing new breaks, rotors, needing a new evaporator, a few other things that I don't remember and finally finding the cause of the rattling and tapping I would feel under my feet, a swing arm that had rusted and broke off the body of the car. Basically I was told the car would cost over 9000 dollars to repair and it wasn't worth it and Not to bring it back for service. I was then taken to the showroom to sit with a car salesman and taken for test drives. I actually like the drive of my 2003 lx470 more than the 2016 or 17, not sure what the new model is. I told them I needed a couple of weeks to think about it. I went to a local mechanic in my town and gave him the list of things the dealer said needed to be taken care of. He gave me a price of 4900 and I decided to do it since the new lx is going for 97,000, I figured I could repair it and use it for a few more years. After changing the evaporator, the mechanic told me the old evaporator looked fine, it needed a part that attached to the evaporator that was leaking the gas. The swing arm was repaired also. When I picked up the car, it was driving very smoothly, like new again, except for one thing, it was still shaking while idling. The mechanic told me it needed a "tune up" to change spark plugs and everything else that needed to be done. So I agreed to it, that cost about 300, much less than lexus would charge me. When I picked up the car, he said it was still shaking at idling and that the motor mounts needed to be changed and this would take care of the shaking, so I agreed, that cost 700. Now today, when I picked up the car, he said that the vibration was better but still there and that the transmission mounts need to be changed. The violent shaking definitely improved, but now there is a different type of shaking that feels different. Would the transmission mounts do this? I also noticed that after the motor mounts were changed, the rpms are a little rough, increasing then decreasing while idling. I know I have a lot of miles and from my reading, it's probably right to change the motor mounts and now the transmission mounts. I just worry because I've already put in 5600 in repairs and now must do the transmission mounts. I'm wanted to know if the transmission mounts would make the car shake while idling? I've read yes in some places but read that the shaking happens while driving? Also, why would my idling be a little rough after the motor mounts were done when it was running very smoothly before? If someone could let me know and maybe give me some advise. After spending this much, if it would help, I would spend a few more hundred to do the transmission mounts bringing my total spending to about 6000 and hopefully having it for a few more years. When I was with the sales person, a new one would cost me about 1300 a month after putting 30,000 down. The 6,000 would only be about 5 payments on a new one and I really still enjoy driving my car.
  5. When To Trade In Or Sell?

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I just wasn't sure if there was any sort of time frame with something like the transmission. Everything has a life span. I take the car for every service, and I always go to my dealer. Even though it cost a lot more, I've had problems and have been scammed by outside auto places. So over the past 12 years I've spent a fortune on services. Sometimes as much as 3,000 for one service, like the 90,000 mile service with breaks and tires. I used to take much better care of the car than I do now. It's more difficult with a 7 and 9 year old and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and my work. My interior is not the greatest. My cream colored leather is cracking. I also have noticed that the chrome is bubbling up around the edges of the shift plate and on a interior door handle. I search online to see that you have to buy the complete shift plate and you just can't buy the border. Also, one of my fog lights, on the passenger side is letting water in. I've thought about changing the leather seats in the front, I did it once, it was under warranty because the leather was cracking and it was still under warranty, they tried painting it first because they said the seat cost 1000. The painting did not work, so they had to change the seat. Now, my rims are peeling and deteriorating badly. I need new tires and will get rims. That's another issue. I can't seem to decide on rims. My local guy who has done things for me like put in a dvd player, rear camera, auto start, upgrading all my light to HDI, etc., told me it's not worth refinishing the rims, better to just buy new ones. I haven't decided what kind/type. The choices are pretty limited because of things like offset, bolt pattern and size. I want to stay with 18 inch. He doesn't recommend chrome because of our winters and the salt used here and I will not be changing tires between summer and winter. He is recommending a polished aluminum wheel that does look nice, but my understanding it will need much more care. I don't know if I want black? If you have any recommendations I would appreciate it. It has held me off from getting the new tires on. But my point is, I really enjoy my car. It drives like it did from the beginning. But, will I be spending money every month as if I would be making car payments? I'm hoping that after this work I'm doing, minor body, rims. I'll be OK for a while. Do I spend thousands on changing leather seats? It all adds up. That's my concern. I know a new one probably goes for around 90,000 and I don't know if they even offer the night vision anymore. Once again, I enjoy communicating with a fellow lexus owner. I've owned a lexus for the past 20 years, my first has an ls 400, then my spouse is on a second rx. Thank you.
  6. I've owned my 2003 lx 470 for 12 years now. I have over 230,000 miles. In the past few weeks I've taken it for some minor body work, have all all the lights upgraded to HID. The insurance co is replacing my windshield next week, due to a crack. I am now shopping for new tires/rims. Yesterday, I was told by the dealer that I need new from breaks and given an estimate of around 1100. A few months ago, I had a flat tire in the middle of no where. Never happened to me before, so I got the manual and was going to change the flat tire only to find out that the lock on the spare under the truck was totally rusted out and I could not turn it to lower the spare, a spare I never used. I had to call AAA, the only thing that could be done, was that the car had to be towed 20 miles away, the flat repaired, then towed back to me. I let the dealer know that I was upset by this and why this was never checked when I go for every service required for the past 12 years spending countless thousands. The didn't seem to care and was told that I needed to upgrade to a new method that uses a chain to lower the spare, that will run me over 300. I really enjoy my car. That is why I keep it up. I have two young children that can do countless things on the back seat. I have a large Chesapeake Bay Retriever that loves to hang out in the back, it's like his territory. I'm a little leery of getting a brand new car and worrying about these things. But at the same time, 230,000 miles is a lot. I guess my biggest fear is when can the transmission go? Does anyone have any idea? I can only imagine how much this would cost. I know if I sell, I would only get pennies compared to what I spent. I also have the night vision, which I do use when I drive to our weekend home in PA. Maybe I can keep it around for a few more years? What advise do you have for me? Thank you.
  7. Hid Lights

    Thank you for the reply. The problem was corrected. My guy found a short with the rear lights. It has been corrected and the indicator is now off.
  8. Hid Lights

    Hi, Thank you for replying. I'm talking about the indicator on the lower left hand side of the dash that goes on When a bulb is out. I had all the lights replaced to HID, including the fog lamps. I didn't do it myself, I'm not a car person. Had it done at a local shop that specializes in after market products. He's done lots of work in the past, had DVD player put in rear, had another DVD player that works on the front navigation screen that works by pressing a button andit changes to another screen . Had a reverse camera installed, some additional LCD lights placed on a Jaros front protector He installed for me. Also an auto start. All of this I had done over the past 10 years. So I think he knows what he's doing and trust him. I know he ordered a kit to do the work on the lights. The first time I went back, He said there was a bulb out in the back. But When I picked it up yesterday, the indicator still stays on, even after I shut the car off and remove the key and start it again. It comes on When you start the car, regardless if the lights are on and off. When I first start the car the indicator is off, but once a step on the break lights, it comes right on. I read somewhere that it makes a difference When the indicator comes on to figure out the cause. Is this something that will stay on now since I had this work done and I should ignore it. The lights look very good and I see a difference driving at night. I tried putting the lights on auto mode to see if that makes a difference, auto light function is working fine, the light turn on and off automatically, but the indicator stays on. I don't see any light bulbs out. If you can give me any advice or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. When I go back to the dealer, they usually give me grief over the work I have done and sometimes even disconnect things. I have my LX for 12 years now. I've driven over 230,000 miles, it still drives beautifully and I have no intentions of giving it up. Once again, Thank you.
  9. Hid Lights

  10. Hid Lights

    I had all my lights changed on my 2003 to HID, including the fog lights. Now the light out indicator stays on from the moment the car is turned on. It doesn't reset. Does anyone know what the problem is and if anything can be done? Thanks.
  11. Rims

    I've had my 2003 lx since I purchased it new 12 years ago. I now have 230,000 miles and it runs beautifully. I don't want a new car. So I've done some body work. My rims are bubbling up and peeling now, I also need new tires. I've been looking at rims, and its confusing. Do I go with the factory rims again, or can I go to something different. I've looked at different finishes, and from what I've researched, it seems that the polished and machined are the best for year round where I live (sometimes lots of snow, the calcium destroys my brakes). I think I will stay with the original size. Is there any reason to go bigger? The other question I have is with the off set. I did some research regarding this. I know that the lexus rims have an off set of 60. How important is it to be close to the original off set, when I look at after market rims for the lx, there are so many, the off set varies from 0 to 35. The closest to the 60 was a rim by Andros, it is a silver painted and has an off set of 57. I hope that someone can give me some good advise. Thank you so much.
  12. Mileage On Your Lx470

    2003 with 222,300 miles.
  13. Recently my DVD player stopped playing. When pressing the mode button, it doesn't display dvd mode at all. It keeps going to md mode and plays no music. The DVD between the front seats ejects properly. All the CDs are installed properly. When put back into the player, I can hear the player reading the CDs. But it continues to skip dvd mode but displays md mode, playing no sound. Not quite sure what is going on. Does anyone know how to correct this problem? Thanks.
  14. Thank you for the reply. This was exactly what I did. I must have hit it with my knees without realizing it.
  15. When turning the steering wheel more than 1/2 way, the tires become sluggish not wanting to move. If the steering wheel is turned all the way, the tires actually lock and if you continue stepping on the gas, there is a sound and the car moves forward sluggishly. It happens going forward or in reverse, especially when turning around in tight spaces. A few years ago the same thing happened and the dealer told me that it was because the brake drums needed to be replaced and blamed it on the new type of salt that is used to clear snow off the roads. I don't see how this could be happening again after a few years. Is this actually a symptom of brake drum problems?