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  1. Hello. Check out this thread: Hope this helps. Good luck.
  2. Hello, I have a 2002 RX300 with 125813 miles. I'm poor so until the Virus hit I couldn't afford Premium Gas; I bought Regular. As a result of using Regular Gasoline I would hear a rattling sound from my engine, when accelerating and or when I tried to increase my speed while going up inclines. Of course my MPG went downhill. I read alot on my situation and discovered that if I disconnect both Battery Terminals for 24 hours (it's what I did - others did it differently) I could reattach my cables, tune in my radio stations and then drive a minimum of 50 miles (I drove more), preferably
  3. Yes, it's not the heater core. That I checked on and I smell the towels everyday to ensure that it is not coolant or anything from the radiator. I don't smell coolant either. But, my reservoir is very low but, not empty. The water is clear and no coolant smell. Thank you for the advice. Also, I noticed and felt water on the back floors...both sides. Any other ideas?
  4. Hello, I have searched but never found an answer to how to unclog the AC lines on an RX300. My RX now generates so much water that I must wring out 2 Terry Cloth towels (one on each side) a minimum of 4 times a day, usually more often. I've read about plugs by the Firewall on the ES vehicles and then possibly a drain tube somewhere inside the vehicle but, never an exact location. If anyone knows how to fix this problem please respond (with pics if possible). BTW, the water occurs when running the Heater also. Thanks! JJ
  5. Hey! I don't know about the knock sensors yet, hopefully won't for a long time but, have you tried looking at the Club Lexus site for a solution? Here is a link which may be helpful: I have always found lots of useful information there, as well as this site. Regarding your mileage of 12 to 14mpg after it being 28mpg: whenever you reset the computer the mileage will go higher then come down to match your driving habits, i.e., if you do mostly highway driving then you'll
  6. My pleasure Sir. BTW, I actually disconnected both battery cables when I did mine, not just the Positive as some do. I've also heard about others trying to pull a main fuse (somewhere on the firewall) to reset the computer but, I've been told that won't work for the complete reset. I did see the video you are referring to but, when I actually found people with the same codes and supposeded vacuum leaks I went with their ideas. I just can't believe that it was a Mercedes AMG website where I first learned the method, afterwards I found the Lexus owner saying the samething. You may also want
  7. Hi. How did you clear the computer? My 2002 RX300 had almost all of the symptoms of your wife's vehicle. I followed the advice of an RX300 owner and a Mercedes owner; disconnect battery for a full 24 hours; reconnect the battery, retune the radio and drive as fast as you are allowed (maybe 5mph over) for 25+ miles then turn around and do it again (return) until you attain at least 50 miles. My vehicle ran almost like new and the sensor lights haven't come back on...almost a year ago. FYI, Pepboys showed that I had a vacuum leak also. I also waited until an early Sunday morning to drive my 50+
  8. Hey There! I'm really happy for you! You really came through and then you went the extra mile and repaired new issues you discovered. You obviously have a very good work ethic. Alot of people would have either just stopped or given up and only repaired what they originally planned to repair. I learned to work on cars as a child back in the carburetor days. LOL! Fuel injection was intimidating back then and now we have computers running our cars. What's next!? Although my Lexus is a 2002 RX300, your situation is useful for me. I appreciate you listing the Torque values. I would have
  9. Wow! I can't believe the deceit people go to just to make a dollar or get out of an unfavorable situation. I guess I'm just too naive these days. My trust in others is definitely going to go by the wayside after reading or witnessing more of situations, such as yours. I do look forward to reading your end result. Good luck on your project.
  10. Hello, I just saw your post and went looking for a solution. I have found many solutions to a Lexus problem on other non-Lexus sites. That being said, I found the following site, and the problems discussed seem very similar to yours. Take a look at the postings on the 1st page and you'll see at least one post like yours. Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  11. Hi. I'm not sure but, that seems rather high. Depending upon your particular parts you can get a complete rack & pinion set, on Amazon, for anywhere from $150 to $450; these are refurbished parts, as all major auto parts are these days. Of course you can always buy brand new parts for major dollars. If you're mechanically inclined you may want to replace the parts yourself and then have a Service Center adjust them for you later. Just make sure you have a grease pencil so you can mark the current set's placement then adjust the replacement set to match the current set. Or you cou
  12. Hi. I had the code P0440 before as well. It occurred after I went over a 2 inch drop in the road, in a construction zone which caused my VSC, Trac Off and 1 minute later my Chk Eng light to all light up. I freaked out since I can't afford the cost of the sensors. Anyway, I went to Pepboys had them read the computer and P0440 is what came up. The Mechanic said he had another 2002 RX300 in a couple of days prior and it is definitely a vacuum leak but, the leak could be anywhere from the Air Filter to the Gas Tank. He checked the Air Filter first & it was good...that's when he said it's anywh
  13. Hello! In regards to the VSC lights: last week I was driving on a fairly smooth Dallas, tarred road and went over about a 1.5 inch gap (road construction) and my VSC lights came on then about 5 minutes later my check engine light came on. Of course, being poor, I panicked. I have the Car Shield Insurance but they won't cover the sensors on older cars...mine's a 2002 RX300 with around 120K miles. I went to Pepboys and came up with a code of P0400 which has something to do with "evaporative emission system." The guy said it could be anything from the engine to the rear of the car. I immediately
  14. I have a 2002 RX300 which I purchased last January (2014). In April I went to start the car and nothing happened; well the lights came on, the radio and a/c came on and all of the instrument panel lights came on but, when I turned the key to start, nothing...not even a click. Fortunately for me I have a great Lexus Dealer in Dallas who sent out a Roadside rescue person. He replaced the battery and everything was fine until this morning. This morning I turned the key and as before everything lit up but when I turned the key to start the vehicle all I got was several clicks. The original ba
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