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  1. I always sucked at the UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A START sequence playing Contra. I was surprised I pulled this off.
  2. I've owned my 2006 RX400h since 2009 and have been stuck a few times in deep snow (12" or deeper) because computer would just cut power to wheels. My only complaint about this car is inability to turn off traction control. I just tested this procedure yesterday and I can attest that this works. I found a deep patch of snow, went into it slowly then hit the gas and saw snow being flung out by my front tires. The dash indicates maintenance mode with several warning lights as mentioned in previous posts. Thanks snallfot. I'm going to print these steps out and put in glove compartment for the ra
  3. "In the involved Lexus IS 350, IS 350C and GS 350 vehicles... Early warning for this condition can be identified as a brief rattle noise for approximately 1 second upon a cold start-up." Is this related to the RX400h recall or is the rattle they're talking about for the IS/GS only? The reason I'm asking is that I sometimes get a loud metallic sounding rattle when the ICE starts during cold start-up. It usually happens more frequently the longer I let the car sit undriven. From my searches people seem to say it's related to oil filter anti-drain valve. Will this recall fix this rattle you thin
  4. My current battery is from the dealer and 2.5 years old and starts no problem even in -30°C weather. The only time it did not start was after my two week vacation, but it just needed a boost. It is odd that it would discharge to a point of not starting the car after two weeks.
  5. I just put General Tire UHP, 255/55-18s on. Was contemplating the Paradas but wanted something wider and a tad taller to fill in the wheel well. Looks wise the proportions are better in my mind. No problems with rubbing. I find the UHP side walls rather pliable, so it does fit in well with the "luxury" Lexus feel and soaks up bumps nicely. However, for a summer tire I'd prefer if they were a bit stiffer. But they are a huge improvement over the OEM Michelins. UHP's give better road feel, feels more planted, heavier steering and I can take turns at speed more confidently. Mileage did suffer sl
  6. I was away for two weeks on vacation and when I came back my 2006 RX400h did not start. It just needed a boost to get started but it is odd it would drain over a two week period. The only other time I had battery issues is when I did a few short back to back trips. I'm going to maybe try one of those Optima batteries or those glass mat ones next time. The other option is to hook up a battery maintainer as someone said earlier.
  7. I ordered a 32mm 12 point deep socket and there is a lot play. I believe I too need to use a 30mm socket. Oh well, a bit of a setback. BTW, this is for a 2006 RX400h. Found this post for front wheel bearing for 2004 RX330 and he too said to use 30mm. So you might want to make sure you know what size axle nut you have before going out to buy sockets.
  8. Thanks Lenore. That makes total sense. With the black thing in the way, there's no way the spindle will fit through the hub. I feel more at ease ordering the part now.
  9. RE: 2006 RX400h AWD rear bearing/hub replacement Hi, Lexus told me I need both rear bearings replaced and quoted $1500. A lot of money so I want to attempt this myself. However, while looking online I noticed the more expensive hubs have this black cover with a stem sticking off the top. What is this black cover? Does it have anything to do with ABS/Speed sensors? I would rather get this cheaper one for $95 (Part # W0133-1890398):
  10. I'm actually going through some front end suspension noise too right now at just over 100,000 km (62,000 miles). Every time I go over bumps I get some hollow sounding rumble. Lexus said it was the struts. Still waiting for the parts to come in.
  11. Lately I've been experiencing noise in front passengers side strut/shock. There's a rumble or thumping noise when I go over bumps. I guessing it's a bad strut. My 2006 has just over 100,000km (63,000 miles). Have any of you replaced any of your struts/shocks and at what millage? We don't have the best roads where we live, so I'm sure there's more wear and tear on the suspension. Also, would you just replace the one, or both drivers and passenger structs? Any idea of the costs? Rear shocks seem fine so I won't bother with those.
  12. Mines 2006 with OEM as well. That sounds like exactly the issue I had. Short trips (less than 10 minutes) and car not starting (not going to Ready Mode). Intermittent issue and sometimes waiting it would start. Even the dealer didn't know what the issue. Ended up just being a short in the battery. Been using the Kirkland battery for a few months now in sometimes -30C (-22F) not plugged in and never had a problem yet. I suggest changing that 12V battery.
  13. For winters I just bought the Blizzak DM-V1's on the tirerack. Seemed to be the best bang for the buck. Hasn't snowed yet, so can't really comment, but others seem to say good things about them. And these do not squeal when i take corners.
  14. cduluk, A couple comments: 1. Michelin Energy MXV4 S8 are not winter tires. They're an all-season tire that does not grip well in the snow. I think most people would agree this is a very bad tire in any condition. 2. My Michelin Energy MXV4 S8 also squeal when I corner or spin the wheels. The fact is some tires are more prone to squeal than others. The S8's are one tire that doesn't take much to make them squeal. Yes, I know, it's annoying, so I drive with my windows up. The good thing about the S8's is that tread life is short, so you'll be sporting a new set of rubber in no time.
  15. Hey thanks Lemon. I didn't even know attachments like that existed. I think I will pick one of those up and give it a try. The great thing is that it's plastic too, so less likely to scratch. In the meantime I'll need some vicegrips to straighten out those bent rails on the RX. I'd rather use the 4 corners as opposed to jacking up two wheels at a time. My 2.5-ton jack with a short handle already has a hard time lifting one corner.
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