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  1. this is more my type. not exactly the best chop but you get the idea.
  2. thats whats good about having friends. i had my uncles toyota pickup painted gloss brack for 300+paint
  3. a 2jz-gte is the motor from a supra twin turbo. how much are you looking to spend? i have no clue on prices for the turbo or s/c
  4. swap in a 2jz-gte. or find the people that did the twin turbo for the sc400. and i remember hearing about a s/c system for the 400 too. oh and im in coral springs too. right by mullins.
  5. carry a magnet with you. look at the car from an angle and look for bumps or swirls. if you see something close to being a bump or swirl put the magnet over it. it should stick (sides only). if it doesnt then it has been in an accident. drive the car and take it on a straight road. keep going straight and let go of the wheel (obviosly make sure youre not in traffic). if it veers off to the side then either your alignment is off or there is frame damage.(check for air pressure too before you do this) open the hood and run the engine. listen for an exhaust leak. make sure to run the vin# if p
  6. theyre different. in the camry, looking from the front bumper to the back, the intake starts at the farthest part of the engine compartment and goes to the right. i dont know about the solara tho.
  7. thank you! i was always like wtf is this thing.
  8. Does anyone have a clue what this knob does? its under the ignition sorta by the gas pedal. Its right next to the led if you know where that is.
  9. thanx people. one more question: how much power can the stock tranny hold before it goes crazy?
  10. Im pretty sure we're the oldest. But no not bennet. I think bennet has bought from us quite a few time before actually. Sent email to yahoo and hotmail adresses.
  11. for those tranny mounts just look for a few aftermarket part shops. i would refer you to my family's shop but i dont think im allowed to do that on here? its down in pembroke pines. also the oldest parts dealer in south florida.
  12. I would feel so wierd with no shift knob or even e-brake to hit.
  13. Ok. im kinda too lazy to look through the other 14 pages that i havent read. is there a fix or not? i have a temporary fix that ive been using in my mom's 02 es300. its just simply not going 40 and easing on the gas. my dad already went to the dealer and asked about it but they said there isnt anything they could do about it.
  14. Long story short, i have a limited income(dont really want to spend that much over $8k) I have a stock sc300 I have 3 choices: 1. leave the car stock 2. leave the engine at 117k miles and turbo it(as well as the regular intake, exhaust, etc) 3. do a 2jz swap from a jspec supra tt if i do just add the turbo, which kit should i get? i hear the fmax kit isnt too great and toyomoto is the way to go. problem is from what i saw the toyomoto kit costs $10k+ also it needs to be sorta reliable. this car has to get me to work, school, volunteering(40min away), partys, dates, and friendly outings.
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