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    two bulbs replaced. you remove the wheel-house fender(you dont have to completely remove it, just unscrew the bottom portion of liner and pull it back to reveal a plastic cap/cup. and you dont have to to remove the tires; i raised the front end until ties were off the ground and turned the wheels to the left for the left bulb (if you turn the wheel to the right it will block one of the screws holding the liner) once you pull back the liner you will see a grey plastic cap which you turn CCW and pull out(its held with a rubber seal. The bulb is behind this cap. pull the connector off the bulb. the bulb is held in place with two spring clips; squeeze the clips to release the bulb. sorry i dont have pictures. note: Removing the wheels does give you a clear sight path to see the bulb rather than working blindly. hope this helps someone.
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    There is a solution for the wind noise in the drivers window it it caused by the height of the window. By that I mean if by SLIGHTLY lowering the window the noise is reduced, that is fixable and Lexus now knows it. The people at the toll free number are not the ones to talk with. Have the service advisor have the district rep contact them with a field engineer and come to your dealer and they can and will solve the problem. I had a wind noise problem beyond normal air flow that was not noticeable before I bought the car because the dealer is in town wihere outside noise from traffic as well as limiting speed below 45 did not reveal the noise. The solution is for them to tighten the belt molding that straddles the window channel at the bottom of the window opening. If anyone gives you BS about that not being available call Lexus of Tucson @ the automall and talk with the service manager Ann.

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