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  1. until Lexus offers us a more resonable price for the update..i am sticking to my mobile phone and gps device . i dont need Lexus nav. ..its an expensive stone age device. the software update can only do so much its still a stone age piece of hardware. i dont think i would want to pay $50 to update this piece of junk. today gps is far more advanced.
  2. My guess is the mechanic over torqued the lug nuts and/or out of sequence causing rim and/or brake discs to warp (off center) this effects both aluminum and iron rims. ( affect is greater with aluminum rims)
  3. two bulbs replaced. you remove the wheel-house fender(you dont have to completely remove it, just unscrew the bottom portion of liner and pull it back to reveal a plastic cap/cup. and you dont have to to remove the tires; i raised the front end until ties were off the ground and turned the wheels to the left for the left bulb (if you turn the wheel to the right it will block one of the screws holding the liner) once you pull back the liner you will see a grey plastic cap which you turn CCW and pull out(its held with a rubber seal. The bulb is behind this cap. pull the connector off the bulb. the bulb is held in place with two spring clips; squeeze the clips to release the bulb. sorry i dont have pictures. note: Removing the wheels does give you a clear sight path to see the bulb rather than working blindly. hope this helps someone.
  4. anyone have step by step directions on removing the low beam lamps ; someone said I need to remove the wheel house liner others saying remove the finder??/. thanks
  5. Yes I did look at converting it over to springs but wasn't comfortable with the idea; I like to keep it stock. Thanks
  6. I am in process of replacing the rear air suspension on my LS460 2008 due to shock oil leak... . Upon accessing the Air Actuator sensor that sits at the top of each strut I discovered that left side was intentionally disconnected. My question is: what does this 'actuatuator' actually do? How does it interact with the overall system? is it reading air pressure deltas ? It it measuring psi? Is it a 'sensor' or a 'controller' . I guess I need a detailed explanation. My subsequent question is about its clocking position. I Took notice in how it physically connects to the strut; the strut had a female tube that mates the the male sensor/actuator. The sensor/actuator tube rotates with a step motor type of feel and not 360 degrees. I would like to know how this portion of the system actually functions especially upon discovering that one side was intentionally disconnected.
  7. ridiculously insanely priced for a part that is only a tad more luxurious than the coil option and has a failure rate as common as a dollar store item.
  8. FYI to you if you are thinking of buying a Lexus with Airsuspension.. my 2008 LS460L rear suspension thumps while driving down the road- almost constantly. Rear Shocks are leaking (Air suspension - not the Spring Coil option), I checked them visually-yes I can see the grease . the car does raise and lower by 3/4" when the HEIGHT HIGH button is activated which tells me the air bladders are fine; just the shocks are gone. anyone want to guess the price for the part alone on these Air Shocks ? how about a cool grand each side ! w/o sport pkg 4808050153 Right Rear 4809050153 Left Rear w/Sport pkg 4808050164 Right Rear 4809050164 Left Rear