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How to Fish Wire From Front Passenger Side Cabin to Front Driver Side?

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I installed some aftermarket turn signal covers and there's only a place to tap into the turn signals on the Driver side Fuse-box, does anybody know where and how I can fish the wires over to the driver side?

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There are likely turn signal wires on connectors to the junction blocks near the kick panels in both the driver and passenger sides as there have been on most vehicles made by Toyota in the past few decades.  When I added mirror covers with turn signals to our 2012 Prius v, I used an inexpensive unpowered 12V test light to locate the turn signal wires in its similar junction block connectors near the driver and passenger side kick panels.

But if you want to use the power source you already found, you should be able to run a wire above the lower trim panel on the driver side, behind the audio/nav system head unit, and behind the glovebox.  It would be more work and won't be pretty but no one is going to see it after you do it.

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So I actually got some wire diagrams for my '02 that I must admit I don't believe I fully understood. I looked for awhile and couldn't find anything on the passenger fuse-box area. But I could be wrong. I started tracing the turn signal wires from page 8 of 73 but to my knowledge they go to the drivers junction block to the combination meter/speedometer, and to the drivers junction block straight to the trunks junction block for the rear lights



Turn Signal And Hazards.pdf

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I'm also seeing the left and right turn signal wires only at the driver side junction block and combination meter in your electrical diagram - surprising.  I see the right sign turn signal wire color (G-Y) referenced at the bottom of the diagram for the passenger side junction block but not on the diagram itself which is confusing.  Looking at electrical diagrams on a small laptop PC screen is NOT my favorite activity!

It's possible that the LS430 is different than other recent vehicles from Toyota in this respect.  Or maybe only the UK/European version of the wiring diagram shows the turn signal wires in the kick panels for the fender mounted turn signals that are standard there.

There's nothing wrong with picking up the power for the turn signals wherever you can find them.  When I installed fender mounted turn signals on my first LS 30 years ago, I went the easiest route and ran the wires  inside the front fenders, over the fender liners and connected them to the wires near the connectors for the front turn signals - not the best way but it worked fine.

If you run the wires from the left side through the dashboard, be careful not to block anything that moves or has to be accessed.  When I ran wires for a phone system in the 2000 LS400 I used to have, I inadvertently ran it in front of the HVAC filter behind the glove box - not a huge problem but I didn't leave enough slack in the wires and had to push them out of the way each time I changed the filter.

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So I ended up bringing the wire over just fine with a fish, thanks for the suggestions. Now I have my turn signals all wired up but I need to tap into the parking lights since the mirrors have them now. I know I need to find the 'Front Controller', a male connector that goes into it has a Green/Orange wire that powers the Parking Lights. It also controls some functions of the Fog Lights and the Headlights, all I've heard online is that it is located next to the brake pedal underneath a kick panel but there are so many different modules up near the dash area I'm not sure where to start. Anybody know what one of these looks like, or a more detailed location? there's no information about it on Google.

I'm thinking of maybe tapping into one of the interior lights if I can't find it which is looking likely



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