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2000 LX470 Missing Under Load on Cold Start Only

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I have recently become the owner of a 2000 LX470. It’s the Gold edition, (Air-ride, sunroof, leather, AWD, V8, etc) This girl has had several timing belt replacements, and has been kept up very well. It has had several because the previous owner had it replaced once, and then the tensioner broke after replacement. He then had it changed out again. Any how, I’ve began to notice a lack of power and a straight up misfire on cold start only. This only happens when it is below Normal operating temp, and it is enough of a misfire that I can feel it stuttering, and it has a very strong hesitation to accelerate. It has new plugs, new fuel filter, And new air filter. It also has no stored trouble codes, and does not trigger a check engine light, as well as any other in dash monitors, and has not since this began around 3-4 months ago. Please give me a word of advice!! 

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I have the same issue but, my old dawg is a 98 with 375,000 on it. The issue started after the need to replace an ignition coil that was cracked down the length of the shaft. This caused a severe misfire of that particular cylinder. After replacing them all though, I have the same issue. Only at cold start and I've pretty much done the same thing, plugs, fuel filter, air filter....Likewise, no codes, notta. Now, I hooked up a mid-low range diagnostic meter and noticed that fuel back #2 reading was much lower than #1. I suspect that may have something to do with this particular issue that we both are experiencing. I will keep you posted as I am going to figure this one out. It drives me insane to have a misfire, even if its only a cold start issue.

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I’ve found the issue, replace your valve cover gasket’s. If you are having what I call “bubbling” and it seems to be fuel or ignition coil fault, it’s actually a vacuum leak from loose valve covers. I replaced both of mine, sealed her up good and tight and now she purrs like a kitten. I noticed that the bolts to the cover were loose enough I could turn them with my hand. Problem solved 😁

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    • By Blobsaw
      I just got my lx470.  2004
      Only 105000 miles
      It was involved in a car wreck.  Drivers front fender, bumper wheel.  Had brakes, tores rotated and balance and aligned.   
      I do hear a load roar when you get over 40mph.  Gets loader as you speed up. Notice a little clicking sound by the 4Wd handle.  Also clicking sound when you hit a bump.  
      Any ideas??   Driveshaft?   
    • By Floyd Sr
      Misfire after timing belt replacement 
    • By dabNebula
      So in the attached image you can see the list of dtcs I have on a 2000 rx 300 AWD
      I have tested coils and replaced spark plugs on 2-4-6, all should be in perfect shape.
      I have tested unplugging the coils I could easily access with the entire intake assembled, which seemed to not affect the idle, leading me to believe that perhaps those spark plugs in the back are no good.
      I am going to head back out now to work on getting to and replacing the 1-3-5 spark plugs, if I can manage. 
      1. With the intake and throttle body(s?) removed, is it worth any attempt to remove the o2 sensor from above? I tried from below several times, with PB blaster let to sit overnight, to no avail.
      2. As I was taking off the intake filter lid, I could swear that one of the two "vacuum" hoses directly behind it, may have been unattached. I followed the one that is attached and it seems to lead to the Fuel Injector rail for 2-4-6. With this logic, would it make sense that the other tube leads to 1-3-5 injectors, and all this could have been from the vacuum leak causing those cylinders to run lean/misfire?
      3. Is there anything else I should check while I have the throttle body's off (and cleaned up beautifully) like the MAF, etc? I do have a multimeter, but I have only tried using it a couple of times and am not 100% on which items to check for which values.
      4. Is there anyone here with any insight on what values to check on my Code Scanner's "Live Data"? I found a great OBD2 scanner, but I don't know how to use these tools to verify the fix...
      My plan now is to replace the 1-3-5 spark plugs, reassemple the intake, verifying all connections are made and see how she runs... but I will work at the o2 sensor or anything else possible, while it's apart.
      Thank you if you read this! I am new to the forum, as I just purchased this car for my wife, so thanks in advance, if anyone hears this!

    • By knoxh458
      Hello everyone I will admit I am new to the forum service but I have just acquired a 2005 Lexus LX470 and would like to get some wheels/tires for it if anyone has an idea for me or wheels for sale I would be more than interested!
    • By SvpremeKai
      Hello everyone! I’m pretty new here, and before I ask my question, yes I’ve been throughout forums seeking answers and have tried a few things but now I feel as though I need advice. 
      Recently grabbed a ‘93 LS400 that’s been misfiring. I just had the alternator and belt tensioner replaced but the car did stall out on me due to very rough and low idle. Check engine code comes up for the mass air flow sensor and TPS, both of which were replaced and recently adjusted by my mechanic. I had heard that if the catalytic converters were glowing red that means that they were possibly clogged, possibly oil in the cylinders leaking(?). I’m not sure, I’m fairly new to these vehicles in general. 
      One thing to keep note of is, the check engine light is illuminated. When I give the car gas it shows major power loss, however halfway thru second gear the car starts to pickup/ maintain speed and the check engine light goes away. Once I come to a stop, or even let off the gas for a bit the CEL comes back. Complete stop brings the rough idle back. I did read that the ignition coils could be to blame as well. I changed the one dead center in the engine, but not the second one by the battery.
      My question is should I be weary of the cats? My plan was the yank them and simply straight pipe the car on back. However efficiency is all I want now considering I haven’t had time to even enjoy the car since I purchased it 😟 
      1993 LS400 
      188,114 Miles

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