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Hello everyone I will admit I am new to the forum service but I have just acquired a 2005 Lexus LX470 and would like to get some wheels/tires for it if anyone has an idea for me or wheels for sale I would be more than interested!

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    • By Mattman615
      I have recently become the owner of a 2000 LX470. It’s the Gold edition, (Air-ride, sunroof, leather, AWD, V8, etc) This girl has had several timing belt replacements, and has been kept up very well. It has had several because the previous owner had it replaced once, and then the tensioner broke after replacement. He then had it changed out again. Any how, I’ve began to notice a lack of power and a straight up misfire on cold start only. This only happens when it is below Normal operating temp, and it is enough of a misfire that I can feel it stuttering, and it has a very strong hesitation to accelerate. It has new plugs, new fuel filter, And new air filter. It also has no stored trouble codes, and does not trigger a check engine light, as well as any other in dash monitors, and has not since this began around 3-4 months ago. Please give me a word of advice!! 
    • By Blobsaw
      I just got my lx470.  2004
      Only 105000 miles
      It was involved in a car wreck.  Drivers front fender, bumper wheel.  Had brakes, tores rotated and balance and aligned.   
      I do hear a load roar when you get over 40mph.  Gets loader as you speed up. Notice a little clicking sound by the 4Wd handle.  Also clicking sound when you hit a bump.  
      Any ideas??   Driveshaft?   
    • By RJD-LX470
      First post - I'm looking at buying a leather seat trim kit from Lseat - to replace my well worn front and middle seats.  Wonder if anyone on the forum has had any experience using a seat leather trim kit or with Lseat.
    • By Supradi
      Selling 4 used stock wheels and tires from my LS400. These must go like yesterday. Only asking $150, local pickup only (DC, MD, VA area)

    • By datarecovery
      This is a new car to me that I bought with the no start engine. Only 42000 miles since last timing belt change . Here's what I found when I opened it up.
      Several bolts on water pump  housing were loose. Alternator lower bolt was broken. The tensioner pulley was completely  broken apart so I don't have any pictures of that . Water pump shaft was bent and water composed inoperative. That's why the coloring on the water pump pulley is shows discoloring from the Heat. Who knows what happened in terms of the sequence....
      Anyone ever see this on a Lexus? I've had 10 Lexus before, worked as a mechanic 30 years, and I've never seen this before.

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