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Cooling Fan for RX400h

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I am now at 249k miles on my fantastic RX400h.  One of the issues that shows at that mileage are the cooling fans on the radiator failing mechanically.  The motor shafts were actually wobbling.

Those motors are quite expensive at $200 apiece, total of over $400 for motors.  On the other Lexus site a gentleman came up with TYC radiator cooling fan assembly that had motors that could be take off a Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2008 that fit our different shroud assembly.  I did this last night and it was a direct fit, including the plugs and harness.  Just remove assembly and take fan blades off and remove motors.  Here is the final good news, the whole Highlander assembly cost $139 at your favorite site ie Amazon or Rockauto.  The shroud from the highlander will not work in our cars as it does not have the expansion tank.  You use only the motors and our old fan blades.  Top of the morning to everyone.

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By the way took me less than an hour to do everything.  You do not have to drain coolant if your careful.  Just remove expansion hose from radiator connect and bend tube to seal it.  Procede with everything standing up right.  I lost about a teaspoon of coolant from the expansion tank...win win


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Could you please tell me what year your Lexus is? I have a 2006 RX400h and am needing to replace both the motor and the fan blade.  You mentioned that you used the original Lexus fan blade but was wondering if the Toyota fan blade would fit the Lexus as long as the original Lexus shroud cover was being used.  

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