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I have a 2004 RX330 that I have owned since it was new.

I rarely use the dome lights, vanity lights or sunroof.  But I was trying to turn on the dome lights to read something and they did not work.  After reading up on this I also checked the sunroof, the vanity lights and the homelink buttons.  No power to any of them.  I checked the Dome fuse, the sunroof fuse and the ECU-B fuse and all were good.  I replaced all of them anyway and again no power to any of the above.  Does anyone know what I should try next?  Could this be some sort of computer malfunction?  All other car functions are good as far as I can tell.

Thank you

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The problem might be in the overhead console since that is where your "dead" components are located.  Maybe a connector for the overhead console is corroded.

I forgot which function it was but something in the overhead console in the LS400 I bought new in 1990 failed at around the 12 year mark.  The indie Lexus repair shop that maintained the car for me quickly determined that the overhead console was defective, couldn't be repaired and replaced it with a new one.  That was a long time ago but I remember that the new replacement overhead console was surprisingly inexpensive.  I also remember that the technician moved the Homelink unit from the old console to the new one and I didn't have to do any reprogramming for my garage doors.

So maybe drop the overhead console and look at the connector(s).  I can't tell you how to remove it.  I removed the overhead console on my first LS400 and remember (I think) that I had to carefully pry out the light lens to expose hidden screws that held the console in place.

I found a used replacement overhead console on eBay for around $60 but I don't know if it's the color or version you need.  

I finally found a diagram ... didn't think to look in the interior lamp section.

2004 RX330 overhead console diagram.jpg

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Thanks Jim,

I did remove the overhead console and disconnected it from its connector.  I then checked all the pins of the 32 pin connector for voltage, both with the key turned on and off, and got no voltage from any pin.  So I have checked the fuses and the connector and this is confusing.  Also the sun visor vanity lights do not work and their power connector are before the overhead console connector.  Like you said I checked Ebay and there is one of the correct color on there, so I wanted to check the voltage first to make sure it was there.  It's not.  I believe that the ECU-B is located up there somewhere and it may be the problem.

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