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Motor Coolant Question?

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What brands(fill in names here ) of coolant can be used in the gs400 radiator/motor they claim it has to be a ethylene-glycol coolant type NOT A ALCOHOL COOLANT TYPE

im guessing the red toyota coolant is one of them (but expensive from toyota) what are some other brands?

thanks .

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The Red Toyota Long Life Coolant was the original factory fill and two jugs of it cost only $15 each at any Toyota dealer. 2 jugs of distilled water can be purchased at Walmart for 58 cents each.

If you use the Toyota Coolant your radiator and entire cooling system will stay in like new condition This is critically important since the main cause of premature engine wear or failure is running too hot due to cooling system clogging and corrosion.

Technical problems commonly occur when aftermarket coolants are used over a period of years which lead to partial radiator clogging like this:

and cooling system corrosion and overheating So that is why Toyota recommends the Toyota (Red) Long life Coolant for all 2003 and earlier models. For the 2004 models Toyota recommends another (pink) coolant called Toyota Super Long Life Coolant

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