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The ign/door key is falling apart. Black plastic is cracked and screws are stripped. From what I've heard a replacement key at the dlrshp is in the $150+ range. I know you can buy the blanks online for cheap and then have it cut but what is entailed in programming?  I don't want to try and open my because I'll end up with a lap full of parts. Could it be as easy as "dip switches"? Any ideas? Thanks amigos....

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If I remember correctly, the cost of a replacement master key for the 2000 LS400 that I drove for 11 years was about $250 in around 2010.  The Lexus dealership cut it and then programmed it while I watched using the procedure in the attached document.  There are no "dip switches".

I hope you have more than that one master key.  If you lose it or if it completely fails, you'll be looking at something like $1,000 for a replacement ECU.  Lexus used to provide one "free" new ECU per vehicle when all keys were lost but that may no longer be the case since LS400's have become rare.

In the past, some locksmiths could replace, cut and program Lexus master keys at lower cost.   

1998 LS400 key programming.pdf

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