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Never Buy Zenetti Wheels

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well what do you think I should do.

First here is the situation. I bought a set of 20 inch zenetti FIVEs.

after 5 days the wheel began to peal. I could notice that the other 3 wheels will peal.

So my rim shop sent all four wheels to zenetti. After waiting about a month, I finally heard

a response. Zenetti says only one is pealing and they will only ship 1 new wheel. But guess what?

I have to pay for shipping for the other three. (strike 1) Since I have waited so long for my wheels, I just

paid for shipping so I can enjoy my Lexus. The wheels finally get to the shop and they put them on.

I get home from the shop only to notice that the new wheel they sent me, has a chunk of chrome missing

from it. At that time I said oh well I will just live with it. But here it is, 3 weeks later, and a different wheel is peeling. I want to talk to the corporate office because this is clearly horrible costomer service as well as a terrible set of wheels. Sorry that took so long to say, but to be honest, that is only the half of it.

I need some help. If anyone can help me find the corporate information, that would be greatly appreciated.

I only have the sales number.

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Hope you bought them on your credit card. Call the Credit Card company, dispute the charges on the grounds of receipt of a defective product. Explain your situation, fill out the forms, attach your pics and be done with it. When a company gets a multi $$$ chargeback from a credit card, then tend to respond.

Now, just sit back and wait for "Zenetti's pathetic excuse for chrome plating department" to call you.

Side note: Chrome plating is a labourious and expensive process. Aparently, not many "junkstermarket" companies have figured out how to do it properly yet. A friend of mine recently sent his set of $2,700.00 chrome 18's back for peeling. He also was subjected to the kind of "customer disservice" you have described. After 11 months and two lawsuits he got his money back.

Think I'll just stick to painted and clearcoated alloys.

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I hope this helps brother.

I would also suggest that you call a local rim shop, or automotive shop that can order Zenetti rims. They should have a dealer only brochure or something with "hopefully" the exact info you need.

This is what I could find, it may or may not be the company you seek, but it seems right to me.


Dun and Bradstreet, Inc.

G B Automotive Products, Inc

12661 Crenshaw Blvd

Hawthorne, CA 90250-3303

TELEPHONE: 310-973-0946

********************************** EXECUTIVES **********************

VICE PRESIDENT: Philip Berman, V Pres

SECRETARY: ISA Berman, Secretary

SALES: Joe Zarat, Sales


*********************************** EMPLOYEES **********************

Employees At This Location: 16 - Actual


PROPERTY: 17,000 Square Feet - Rents

TRADESTYLE: Zenetti Wheels




May or may not be same shop:

G & B Automotive co-owner Shane Garazian


PS. I also agree with Telefunken, and have done those things in the past myself. Filling out a "dispute form" from the Credit Card company, where they then reverse the charges, has always gotten me the desired results.

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I am talking to Zenetti, I was at the shop and talked to Zenetti. I have posted this same problem on another forum. And at least five other people who owned zenetti wheels had the exact same problem. (wheels turning colors, and pealing) Some explain that the

shops they bought the wheels from completely stopped dealing with zenetti after their

set turned out the way they did. And this is from people all over the country.

The quality just isn't what I expected I thought I was buying wheels from a company

that takes pride in craftsmanship, but I guess I was wrong. I would never buy from them again. If they can't take care of this problem, which is clearly their fault, why would i give them my money. I should contact the better business bureau.

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