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  1. .....this isn't the first time. OH, and on a separate note, THANKS GUYTELEFUNKEN!! You rock as usual.
  2. Fella's, please keep in mind that on the GS430's that there is a 'good chance' that your check engine light will come on permanantly with this mod. This is ONLY on the 430's, not the 400's or 300's. (cannot speak for sure of the LS series) It is an excellent mod, and I have it on my GS400, but, I just want to be sure you are aware of this "feature".
  3. I just spoke with the Brembo US office. (the 800 number is under "contacts" on their website) They mentioned that is an authentic retailer for their product. They also mentioned the Tire Rack and some place in Florida.
  4. You all sound like you're describing the typical Lexus creak/snap/pop sound that most of us have. It happens for me and others predominately when you first start a car, pull out of a drive way or parking spot, start to pull away and within 10-50 feet you get that creak or snapping sound. It's just the Anti-lock doing their check upon initial movement. Check and see that it doesn't happen at any time after that. If it does, then you could have a real problem. (GuyTelefunken, I'm praying you don't jump in here and tell me I'm full of crap! :) lol! )
  5. For the adventurous, I read on a brake pad website the other day that you can put a little chamfer on the edge of the brake pad to cut down on potential squealing noises associated with aftermarket high performance pads. (leading and trailing edges)
  6. I personally don't know of any good affordable Lexus dealers but I have seen many a good car go across I bought mine sight unseen, 2000 miles away with proper checking. (Lexus system report for VIN, Lexus Dealer 100-point inspection, carfax, etc) That link is the electronic equivalent of the small magazine like car selling rags. It has people and used/new car dealers from all over the USA. Good luck!
  7. my seats are not as quick as yours SRK. I have heard people who should know say that the seats vary in temperature depending upon the outside temperature. Also that they will not turn on if the temp is over 70 or so. Mine sure feel that way. It takes mine a few minutes to heat up, but after that, they are comfortable enough to just about leave on as long as I want to.
  8. go to good prices, good dealership. I'm pretty sure he can get them, so call them even if you can't find Explosion on the site.
  9. Just continue using the same fluids, lubes and filters Lexus originally installed in the car the day it left the factory. Boring? yes, but it's risk free way to maintain your car. ← I hardly agree. Messer: you're fine with the Mobil 1 or the Amsoil for the engine. Like was mentioned above, I'd only use the 0 weight if I were in some constantly, seriously cold area's. I won't argue about whether Mobil 1 is as good as or better than Amsoil but let's just say that they both are at the very top of the list, one can hardly be much better than the other. For the tranny, I keep hearing Lexus mechanics on these boards say to stick to the Toyota Type IV fluid, not to go to someone elses synthetic tranny fluid. They have mentioned it's perfectly fine for the engine and even differential, but, they recommend against synthetic for the Toyota/ELexus tranny. Good luck man!
  10. no doubt. might as well be Mr. Incommunicato
  11. dude, go to for yourself and you will have all the info you need. PS. this seems uncalled for. there are plenty of examples cited above.
  12. I'm pretty sure that a couple of vendors make a header for your car too. (probably at some small sacrifice of noise level)
  13. Even though the 42k miles is really low, I don't think $21000 is a great deal. Probably not a total rip off, but, not a steal anyways. The 2001+ have some nicer features that I would GLADLY give up the extra 20,000-30,000 miles to have. ie. nicer tail-lights, and NAV with DVD instead of the hard-drive setup on older models, the minor steering improvement, In August 03, I paid 23,995 for a silver, very clean, 82,000 mile GS400 with NAV, htd seats, 17" chrome, CD, etc.
  14. it's always baffling to me, being out of the loop like this, to comprehend why the guy would say that this higher mileage tranny is "weak". That is such a weak statement. It makes me weak in the stomach! it's gonna take me a week to stop thinking about this! At worst, one day it'll need a rebuild. More labor cost than parts probably. it's even more confusing that you know the guy well, why would he try to snow you? :-/ (rhetorical question)
  15. I've had my car for over 16 months and just noticed this the other day! :) (too fascinated by NAV I guess) Programming is easy: 1. Hold 1 of the 3 buttons for approx 45 seconds until it flashes at you. (keep holding) 2. Hold the garage door opener or similar device WITHIN 1 INCH of the 3 buttons, then hold your opener's button down firmly. Keep holding both buttons! 3. Within a few seconds (5-10), the Lexus light should flash faster. At this point it is now programmed with your old remotes' code. Release both buttons.
  16. I recently had the same symptoms, exactly, with my 99 GS400 and my lexus dealer and contacts on another website all say "TPS Sensor". I picked one up from Carson Toyota in Cali for only $60 instead of the $200 the dealer wanted.
  17. Sure, I'll be first. I have a 99 GS400 also, it's silver in color and has the stock chrome 5-spoke wheels. I'm 38 and have been into performance cars forever. Z28's, Mustangs, very modified 351W in a full size Bronco. Until the Lex, the nicest comparable ride was a 96 Caddy STS. Very similar car overall. Same power but front wheel drive, more cushy comfortable ride, but wallowy in the corners. I've received as much or more "nice car" comments with the GS400 than anything I've ever owned. Young and old alike, girls and guys. Everyone seems to like it. That's a great feeling that stays with ya... I was VERY happy to see how many aftermarket parts we can get for these things. I lowered mine with Eibach springs and put HKS mufflers on it. New grill is here but not installed. Sooo much more to do! Enjoy your Lexus, you'll learn a lot in these forums and others out there. (can I say
  18. sure *sounds* like you got robbed. And handily at that. it's hard to imagine $400+ of effort going into a car with only 15k miles. I've never leased a Lexus, but, it would have any stipulations spelled out in the document. Usually, a Toyota dealer is going to be cheaper, it just may or may not adhere to the lease agreement.
  19. Are you suurrre that I don't have one? B) I would *absolutely* do that, but at the moment, I was concerned about the extra cost of a special tool that I may never use again. :) There are no voltages listed in the service manual. Incidentally, I do know someone with an OBDII scan-tool. I will check into whether it displays throttle position as a percentage. If it doesn't, I'll hit the dealer. (or see how much a scan tool costs!) Thanks a bunch guys, even you Turbo GS300. <_<
  20. I was hoping to install my own TPS sensor, assuming it was not going to be any more difficult than on my other Fuel Injected rides. I have the sensor now, but I've been informed that the Lexus uses a "throttle blade angle" test tool or something like that instead of setting the TPS via a digital multimeter and specific voltages. Can anyone (guytelefunken?) shed any light on this, or as to whether I will be able to even do this myself? My dealer wants $115. Thanks!
  21. No idea's dude. I can sympathize somewhat because sometimes I find that mine are not that bright. I was beginning to wonder if there was a noticeable difference when you are at engine idle, or at higher RPM's where the alternator would put out more juice. (just a thought)
  22. ....not without you paying him to take a look inside the door he wouldn't. ;)
  23. What is that angle % and/or where can I find that info? If I reinstall the old sensor or install the new one will the car still start w/o the adjustment? ← I'm curious as well. I've recently had the TPS failure code a few times. (intermittently) I had to pay my Lexus dealer $45 for that info, but there was no way I was going to pay $200 for their TPS sensor! I found that Carson Toyota in Cali. sells them for $60 and now it's sitting here needing installed. My Lexus shop wants $115 for install, which I'm not too thrilled about paying either as it seems I should be able to do it myself. On my Fuel Injected ZX12R, you can set your TPS sensor with a multi-meter and looking for certain voltage in the plug while you adjust the sensor. (it has slotted holes where it's screwed down, allowing for a clockwise/counterclockwise movement)
  24. well there's uhh, uhhhh........ the tail-lights are different....umm.. errrr.....then there's always the uhhhh. ummmm. there's this.
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