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Spark plug recomendations


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Bought some Bosch irridium plugs for my 2002 es300 with 145000 miles on it. It has a slight roughness starting to develops when sitting at a stoplight with the sir cons on. Never did this since owning it since 65000 miles on it. Mentioned to Lexus dealer about installing them and I was told "oh don't use those plugs it will run like crap"  I have been using Bosch plugs in everything I have ever owned and never had but excellent results. Anyone have any experience with this? Any recommendations on best brands to use in this car from having a history with them? Really curious. Thanks in advance!

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Well welcome aboard, I want to say I am a anti-bosch lover.  Everything I have put them in has had running problems...On our Lexus/Toyota engines please only use NGK or Denso iridium plugs. They last 100k miles easily if not even longer.  My friend has a Mercedes/BMW garage and has experienced the same issue time and again on those vehicles.  Not sure what he uses, but He has had countless customers come in with bad running engines and performed a Bosch spark plug removeal and problem is fixed. 

Now on a side note the Coil packs on the Lexus engine can be damaged if you wash your engine.  But pay very close attention to the spring inside the coil pack and make sure it is not corroaded or damaged.  It has to contact the connector end on the new plugs....Rip those Bosch out, and replace with the awesome iridium plugs made by Denso or NGK.

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I have owned Toyota's, Lexus', Nissan's and Subaru's and have been wrenching on them for years. The forums I've followed on each make say the same thing ...  use what make of plug the car came with. Yes, I've tried the Bosch plugs, but the cars have always run better with the NGK's and Denso's that the manufacturer's used as OEM.

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