High Idle at startup

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I have a 1994 GS300 with 144K miles. At startup on cold engine it revs up to 1800. After a few minutes it drops to 1000. At normal temperature and in drive it idles at a very steady 800. Shouldn't it be idling at about 650 at startup and in drive?  It never used to do this about a few weeks ago. Your help to diagnose the problem will be much appreciated.Thanks


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Hi Randolph....welcome to the Forum

On start-up the idle should be increased to around 1200-1300 rpm (raised idle) to speed up the engine/catalytic converter warm-up process.

Should last for around a couple of minutes maximum.

Something may be sticking in the idle control circuit if its that high...carbon build-up?

Keep us updated on what you find.

Cheers   Trevor

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Hi Trevor,

I took my 1994 GS300 to the shop. The mechanic told me that the Idle Air Control valve needs to be replaced or cleaned. It's quite normal for it to idle high at start up on a cold engine and not to worry about it.  However, if it bothers me then I can take it back and have it cleaned or replaced. It will not damaged the engine by running high at start up. So I'll leave it as is for now. Thanks for your input.


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    • By WeSki
      1992 LS400, 328K miles
      The following was replaces at 300K miles:
      Timing Belt, Idler pulleys, Water Pump, Crank Seal, Cam Seals, rotors,
      Caps, Wire set, Spark Plugs
      At about 327,700 miles the Left side ignition coil failed; replaced
      both the left and right coils and that seemed to fix it. After driving the car
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      Here I go with another good one lol ..... I recently puchased another Lex, this time a 1994 SC400 . When I first got the car, it drove fine . Then about a month ago, the check engine light came on . The DTC's # 25 & #28 indicated that it was running lean and that I have an 02 sensor problem ....Fast forward two(2) weeks, car is running fine, I go to the station and fill it up with gas; when I try to start it, it just turns over . I check everything and find out that I am not getting any spark . I pull the connection plug off of the right side coil to check for current . I had power, I check the other coil and had power there as well . So plugged the coils back in and the car started . It idled for about 2 mins and died . I had the car towed home, the next morning the car cranked up and ran just fine; for about 2 day's, and then did the same thing . I tried to retrieved some DTC's to help me fix the problem, but the check engine light wouldn't blink; and that's when I was given a clue . Whenever I tried to crank the the car, if the light would come on with the key, the car would run; but if it didn't come on, it wouldn't crank . I also noticed that when the light did come on, it would be weak, sorta flashing like it wasn't getting enough power ....That led me to checking my fuses and connection's . When I got to the underhood fuse box, I noticed that the fuel pump relay was warm, so I checked the circuit and found out the turn on wire was only getting about 4 volts . I ran a wire (ignition switched controlled) to supply 12 volts to the relay when the key was on . The car ran fine for two days, then did the no check engine light thing and wouldn't start .....Thinking that it was the ECM (since I couldn't go into diagnostic mode), I had the ECM rebuilt . When I got it back, the car craked up and ran just fine, but it idled erratcally . The RPM's would go up and down, from 1500 to 1000 . Other than that it drove fine with plenty of power . Then I noticed that sometime my RPM gauge and my MPH gauge wouldn't be working, then all of a sudden they would start to working again . I figured that the ECM must not have been built right, so I got another one, and I still have the same problem's; and now on top of that, my transmission isn't locking up . No let me rephase that, it is locking up, and then unlocking when driving . When driving at a steady rate of speed, you can feel it going in and out of lock up .... So far I have put in a new ECM, and a new fuel pump . I would really appreciate any help, feedback and guidance concerning this . I want to thank everyone in advance for your suggestions .
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      My 1995 LS400 has high idle on start ( about 1800). Then normal after long warm up. Any help?
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