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Can I "tune" or "map" my stock ECU?

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I recently purchased my '93 GS 300 and i'm in love with it. The engine was just rebuilt, transmission was just serviced and all fluids are new. The only thing that I really want to change about the car is the fact that it feels so heavy. I live right off of the highway and I feel like it takes way too much to get up to speed. I have been looking at buying a turbo kit for it but is a little out of my price range at the moment. As far as I understand, the ECU needs tuned after installing a turbo kit. For right now i'm wanting to still try and get my car tuned for more power and bring it to life without it costing me an arm and a leg. So, i'm wondering if I need to buy an performance ECU or if i'm able to get my stock one tuned. (I'm new to this, if you couldn't tell)

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I think your best bet is to have someone like JET do the work, If I remember right, you send them your ECU, takes like a day, and they tune it for you, you just buy a JET box, they do the programming and it goes back in the car.  Pretty safe I would say. You send it in after you have done your MODS, turbo or anything, think its like 400 bux, 10 to 20HP gains.

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