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Antenna mast doesn't fully extend


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I am a happy new '03 RX300 owner, and I have noticed that the antenna mast doesn't fully extend with the radio on. I am 98% sure that the mast fully extended during the first week of ownership. There are no horrible sounds from the antenna when it retracts/extends. After reading more than a few posts on antenna mast issues, I determined that I need to start with cleaning then lubricating the mast. With the radio on, I attempted to fully extend the mast by simply pulling upward with my hands but was met with quite a bit of resistance, to the point that I felt that I might do damage and stopped.

My question is, is it OK to extend the mast under these conditions? Is there something larger going on? I would have expected the mast to extend more easily.

Thank you.

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It probably won't break anything that isn't already broken.  That said, the attached YouTube video shows you exactly how to solve your problem.  I've done mine either once or twice over the past 16 years and 225,000 miles.  If you take your time and follow the video this is a pretty simple job for any decent do-it-yourselfer.  The final step when you power up the radio to retract the new antenna it would be handy to have an extra pair of hands to help feed the new antenna into the housing.  I've done it with no help so it's not a requirement.  At least this video will show you what's actually broken.  Hint: it's the nylon teeth on the retractable part.  Lotsa luck.



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