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Inspection Maintenance Tips

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Recently passed 60k on my '06 RX400h and have been pecking away at the recommended maintenance list. I've done all the basic replacements and a few were done early at the previous dealer servicing. Oil, intake filter, tire rotation, brake fluid, etc are all done leaving only the "inspection" items:

60,000 Mile Factory Recommended Service
Measure brake pad thickness and rotor runout
Inspect axle shaft boots
Inspect ball joints and dust covers
Inspect body
Inspect brake lines and hoses
Inspect engine and inverter coolant
Inspect engine valve clearance (if noise, vibration)
Inspect exhaust pipes and mounting
Inspect fuel lines and connections, fuel tank band and fuel tank vapor vent system hoses.
Inspect fuel tank cap gasket
Inspect rack and pinion steering assembly
Inspect steering linkage and boots
Inspect transmission fluid
Visually inspect brake pads and rotors


Some are obvious - I looked at the pads and rotors during the tire rotation and they're good, and exhaust components are probably easy - just look for excessive rust or holes, and check the hangers. But not sure how to be thorough about some of these. Specifically "ball joints and covers", "inverter coolant", "rack and pinion" and "steering linkage and boots".


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Since your car is a 2006 and has not had the Timing belt done, Your coolant is past time being 5 years or 100k miles.  Maybe have fluid checked for its condition.  Also quite frankly I would have the Transmission (CVT) fluid changed....It is easy with a drain and fill.  Of course the dealer will tell you it lifetime fluid.  All of that inspection stuff is fluff. The Brake pads seem to last beyond 80k miles on this vehicle.  Quite frankly I would just get an oil change, And transmission fluid change. 

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Luckily (not for my pocketbook) the timing belt was done a little after 50K because the coolant pump was leaking. I think they sold me on differential service as well - when the SA said "front differential", I assumed it was the transmission, but I may be wrong there.

Does the primary coolant also cool the inverter?

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THat is good, The coolant for the engine (waterpump) is separate from the Inverter coolant.  two different cooling systems.  I would ask specifically about the front differential service as that could have been the transmission (CVT) fluid.  It would have involved 4.2 quarts of Toyota WS fluid (transmission fluid).  Please ask questions before and after service, We are here to save you time, money, and make sure they are being honest.

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Here is my take on these "inspections" First thing is know what u are looking for. If u don't know, how would u tell if something needs attention?

Secondly, if u don't have the proper tools or are not mechanically inclined, let the dealer do the inspections. Their prices are usually reasonable for this, unless of course, if u need a bunch of work done. Then is when decisions need to be made. Hopefully u can trust your dealer to be perfectly honest. Personally I like to make sure the fluids are in good condition and not skimp on them.

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