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Inside Windshield Film


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I am having trouble cleaning the inside of mu 2010 RX 350 windshield. There seems to be a film perhaps due to ductwork outgassing, and smears remain after several attempts to get it smarkling clean. I've used windex, Simple Green, vinegar, microfiber cloths and newspapers after applying cleaner, and still cannot get the glass crystal clear. When sun is shining, you really see the smears. Anyone experienced this, and/or know of an effective product? If only the old pink Glass Wax was still around!

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A common cause of hard to remove film on the inside of windshields is a leaking heater core. Are you smelling coolant (antifreeze) or having to add coolant to the coolant reservoir? Does the film seem a little oily? I suggest that you have the heater core checked. If the heater core is leaking even a little bit, the film is going to come back which would be the least of your problems.

As for removing coolant film, try denatured alcohol and plenty of paper towels being careful not to splash any on the dash.

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You are going to laugh at this, but I promise it works. I showed cars for years and my glass was always crystal clear.

Go to Auto Zone and buy a product called The Absorber. It is a fake chamois in a plastic tube. Rinse it out good and wring it as dry as you can get it. Now....wipe your windows down. No cleaner needed. Nothing will get your windows cleaner. I use it to dry my car too. I keep it in my trunk. Great product.

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My technique for sparkling interior windows is to use Dawn dishwashing detergent, ammonia, and two sponges. Make a fairly weak solution of detergent and water, then wipe down the windows with the solution and one sponge. A teaspoon of detergent and an eighth cup of ammonia to a quart of water seems to work.

Then use a second sponge and a bucket of clean water to remove the detergent. Don't try to use the rinsed-out detergent sponge unless it is really, REALLY clean and detergent free. The water on the glass should bead up due to water tension. If not, then there is still detergent present.

Finally, dry the window with a cotton towel. I prefer a towel that has been rinsed out and line dried to make sure no laundry detergent or fabric softener is left over. That has to be done a day before (or a washer cycle run without detergent). It helps to use a warm towel out of the dryer.

My microfiber towels seem to leave little fibers on the glass...maybe they are just cheap.

Anyway, it seems like a lot of work and a long involved process, but the window stay clean for a much longer time.

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Common problem on all cars due to degassing of plastic interior parts. 

I use Sprayaway glass cleaner and never have an issue cleaning it off. It does come back as the car is constantly degassing so regular cleaning is required. Dash mats help quite a bit to reduce cleaning times  

I own an autoglass business by trade and get asked this often. 

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