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Oxidation All Over!


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The trunk of my 92 Es is all oxidized!! It is one of only a few flaws, all of which are soon to be addressed.

What can I do to fix this? The spots are too big to be touched up, and people have told me to get a clear coat again, but I am not sure.

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here is a pic of the trunk:

Never mind, I guess I cannot upload the type of file htat my camera has. YOu can go to my Yahoo briefcase to look at the pic. The address is:


There is a picture from farther out here:


Please help!

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if not sap then they had some toxic/acid bird crap. I vote for sap. My guess would be that it was parked under a pine tree. I say this because turpentine is made from pine sap. Where (geographical location) did you buy the car from?

I wonder if the previous owners tried to paint or had the trunk and hood surface painted at one time and the clear coat was not applied correctly or even at all.

skp suggestion of a clay bar is a good start. It is acutally a very cool product and works well.

I printed the pics, and will show them to my friend.

He is a master bodyshop painter. I will see what he thinks.


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well if you know the clear coat is gone for sure, then the only proper thing to do is paint it

an easy and chaep way also but may not look perfect is to high speed buff it

it will remove the peeling clear and give it a more uniform look

until you are ready to paint

just don't expect great results

just something you won't be able to see form 10 feet away

oh yah the clay bar will do nothing for this problem

it will only pick and pull dirt and debris from the paint

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