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Code Help...sleuthing The Cause


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Hi all ~

I purchased my new to me vehicle a 2007 Lexus gx470 1 month ago. Today the check engine light, stability and VFC dash lights came on. Filled the tank and check the gas cap. Runs OK.

I then checked the codes and they are P1445, C1340 and C1201. I will bring it back to where I bought it yet I appreciate any insight about possible root cause.



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I would sure be right back there. Not sure what the codes mean but never good having them on. I will tell you that IF you clear the codes, not all of them come back on right away. Sometimes you have to go maybe 300 miles for the computer to run an analysis of the system and determine if the light need to go back on. That is the reason I would go back. If they just clear the codes, you will be at a disadvantage. Prior to taking it, I would read up on all the codes and causes. Very likely someone here will know so hang on.

Welcome to LOC. Nice to have other owners to discuss things with.


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Hopefully you have taken your car back to where you bought it. I wouldn't wait too long as sellers tend to forget you once the Benjamins have been exchanged. Unacceptable to have this happen so soon after purchase. Pursue the issue and quickly.

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