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Specs for A/F sensors


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Since I cannot seem to find the answer for year and model, I am hoping someone out there can help. I have a 2002 RX300 2WD the MIL on, VSC and TRAC off on, DTC P1135, P1155, C1201. I need to find out which of the 3 wires on the pigtails of the sensors I check for resistance, voltage, etc. Also the desired value. I cannot believe that both sensors went bad at the same time. Further history, when I purchased the vehicle in Sept.,18 the MIL was on and DTC was P0440. The Lexus dealer had told the previous original owner that there was a vacuum leak by the fuel tank. Suddenly (after my left headlight bulb blew) the VSC, and TRAC Off lights came on. I cleared the codes with my reader and as soon as the engine is started all come back on. 

If anyone has any specs, tips or ideas, PLEASE LMK

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Hi. I had the code P0440 before as well. It occurred after I went over a 2 inch drop in the road, in a construction zone which caused my VSC, Trac Off and 1 minute later my Chk Eng light to all light up. I freaked out since I can't afford the cost of the sensors. Anyway, I went to Pepboys had them read the computer and P0440 is what came up. The Mechanic said he had another 2002 RX300 in a couple of days prior and it is definitely a vacuum leak but, the leak could be anywhere from the Air Filter to the Gas Tank. He checked the Air Filter first & it was good...that's when he said it's anywhere from the Air Filter to the Gas Tank. I came home, scoured the Internet and ended up on a Mercedes site speaking of the same issues. Took the information from the Mercedes site and scoured again for 2002 RX300s and finally found the answer. Put the original gas cap back on and trash the locking gas cap (I put a locking cap on after the gas lines went crazy when people thought they weren't going to get gas, a few years ago & I remember the 1970s); Reset the Computer. Simple as that...just Reset the Computer. So, I disconnected my battery's positive terminal for 24 hours (I wasn't going anywhere, wanted to ensure that nothing was getting electricity and wanted a hard reset...not a soft reset). 24 hours later on Sunday morning while most people were either in Church or sleeping off Saturday night I reconnected my battery, set my radio stations and drove off down the Dallas Freeway heading towards Oklahoma. I drove 27 miles North at an average speed of 77 to 80 mph (The Speed limit is 75), turned around and came back. I was instructed, via my readings, to drive a minimum of 50 miles so my total miles driven was actually about 58 (54 highway miles). It should be noted that my Avg. MPG while I was driving continued to rise all the way up to around 56mph (I have a pic showing 44 after I started City driving) but, I couldn't take the 56mph pic while I was driving. Right now 5 months later my Avg MPG is around 28mph. Everything changed when I reset the computer (this is why I left the battery disconnected for 24 hours)...all auto functions changed, the warning lights stayed off, I'm showing better gas mileage, the engine isn't idling rough anymore and generally it is acting and driving like a new vehicle. It also passed State Inspection a few months ago with better results than last year. I know this doesn't answer your questions about the wiring but, this will probably save you alot of time. It's worth a try. Oh, I almost forgot, the 50 miles of driving after reconnecting your battery must be non-stop driving (no engine shutoff until after the driving). Hope this helps. Good luck! 

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