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Traction Control Light Won't Go Off


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Hi all. I got a flat tire on my 2012 GX 460 (well, two actually, *both* passenger side tires). Pulled over right away, got new ones, put them on. Now the traction control light is on, and won't go off. The button on the dash doesn't do anything - I've tried holding it for a long time. No other warning lights, no check engine / error code, etc.

I've done the logical thing and examined the speed sensors... they sure look to be in fine shape, wires look good, etc. No signes of damage of anything in that general area either.

The dealer offered to "take a look", but goodness knows what an ordeal that will end up being. They'll probably have to change my headlight fluid.

Any help would sure be appreciated.

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Thanks, I've certainly turned up some other posts where people have had more warning lights come on - including most often the check engine light. That seems to be something quite different, something that is throwing an actual error code. In my case, its just the one light.

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In this case, "they" is me. Since it was two flat tires, and I only have one spare, I had to leave it up on jack stands while I took the wheels in to get new tires. The lug nuts are definitely on tight, in fact I've had the wheels off and back on a number of times since as I've been trying to find anything wrong.

Guess I'll have to take it to the dealer and see what they can find. I have a feeling that something triggered a code in the computer that won't ever reset with out some special reset that only the dealer can do. We'll see.

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Turns out it was throwing a code:

"Abnormal Zero Point of Steering Angle Sensor"

Cleared the code and all seems well, hope it doesn't return.

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