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Brake Replacement Parts.... Quality?

Sammamish GX 470

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My 2003 GX 470 now has 100K miles on it and it's time to do the brakes. I looked online and have found an abundance of non OEM parts on Ebay. Has anyone had any experience with non OEM brake parts? Do they ware fast? Operate correctly? Any good stories?

Take a look at all the price ranges and varieties... almost overwelming.


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Brake rotors usually last far beyond 100,000 miles with rear rotors and brake pads usually lasting 50% longer than front rotors and pads. The front brake rotors on my 2000 LS400 were within one millimeter of the original factory thickness when I sold it at 180,000 miles. I've actually never replaced brake rotors in over 40 years of owning vehicles with disc brakes although a Mercedes I drove from new to 210,000 miles was getting close to needing new front rotors.

I've never used anything except OEM Lexus brake pads on our Lexus vehicles. The cost is reasonable and the quality high. If I was going to use aftermarket brake parts, the only brand I would use is Bremco which also supplies brake parts that are installed at the factory on some new Lexus vehicles.

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Thanks for the heads up Jim. Actually the reason for the short life is I own a 5700 lb boat.... and I have the habit of launching it probably 50 times a year..... after I drive it down a one mile 9% grade. It has trailer brakes, but you never quite know if they are tuned correct.... apparently they are not after reading your comments.

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You are definitely a special case. I can't imagine launching and recovering a 5,700 lb. boat on a regular basis. The only boat I've owned was only 2,500 pounds and it was a PITA to launch and recover. I was shocked when a coworker told me that his "new" (slightly used) 28' boat weighs 10,000 pounds but it is permanently parked in a slip with a lift. My boat trailer had surge brakes which were just about useless. I hope you have electric brakes on your trailer.

Have you measured your rotor thickness? I don't have the specs for a GX but I'm pretty sure that the original thickness on my 2000 LS400 was 11 mm. They were still within a fraction of a millimeter of the original thickness at 180,000 mile even though they had been resurfaced twice.

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