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Dumb Brake ideas


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Now, I love my LS the way it is, but I want to enjoy some... sideways driving with it. Welded diff and coilovers coming fairly soon, but almost all cars that go sideways have one thing in common. E brakes of some sort. Be it a hydro e-brake or a foot brake, there needs to be some mechanism to lock up the rear wheels and give you a start to your slide. My question for this "spirited driving" would be:

How can I have a hydraulic e-brake that locks up the rears, and disconnect the rear brakes from the main brake pedal for burning the tires in Mexico, retaining ABS for the front? To recap, my idea is that the regular main brake pedal only actuates the front brakes, and keeps them locked when doing burnouts without holding the rear brake, keep abs for the front while moving, and have a hydraulic e-brake that locks up the rears. Independent front and rear brakes. Also, my standard parking brake mechanism in the rear is completely gone due to the previous owner using it to stop himself all the time while moving, and it suddenly "locked up" on the highway so he decided to completely remove the mechanism, so another level of complexity to this equation. Just some dumb ideas, if anyone knows anything or has a similar setup let me know, until then she'll be running stock.

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Thought for the ABS, possibly just a solenoid or switch for turning ABS on and off on the front. Not sure looking at wiring diagrams and inspecting my own car for ideas currently. I'll keep this thread updated if I make any progress.

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Just saw this, I plan to do something like that, as well as a dual caliper setup in the rear, maintaining foot brake capabilities to the rear, being able to lock up the rear with a hydro, and a switch to turn off ABS if need be. (I presume ABS won't let the front wheels read 0 MPH and the rear read whatever during a burnout, it'd start pulsing the front brakes and I'd roll forward.

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On the forum? There are plenty of videos about SC, LS, and GS 400s drifting. I find it interesting going with the LS though, the stock suspension is too rolly so coilovers are to come, as well as a 6 speed swap. Planning to keep the interior as natural looking as possible though, as well as the exterior.

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